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Im just blown away by that. Any details on how he built it?
I'm afraid I was living in Oz at the time. Like he said on the display card all the figures are multipose Brittians and Tamiya all of who are modified one way or another. Twigs out of the garden, hand-made sandbags etc. The bell tent should have been bigger, he told me, but what from, can't help.
Bought this at the Telford show. Lots of useful info.
I posted a link to this bloke's YouTube a couple of weeks ago, but came across this:

It has lots of landscaping techniques and details.
Bloody hell! That was amazing!!! The waterfall one is superb too!!!!!
How and where do you keep them all?
Still at home with Mother, Dad went just under two years ago. But because they were an item since 1947. She's not keen to let to much go just yet.
A lot of the stuff will be donated to museums but Mum's said some of the larger figures can be auctioned and profits donated to charity.
I wouldn't be able to part with them. You see progs like Flog it with family pieces being sold off and I'm shouting noooo! at the telly!
I'm afraid I've not got the room to store or display them. My Brother and Sister's family's are just not interested. But if displayed somewhere meaningful, I'm sure the 'ol man would be chuffed to NAAFI break.
This is based on a Drawing by a Dutch artist, Millet. The drawing is of some Dutch farmers collecting wheat up after the harvest.
After an action, troops would collect useful equipment for reusing. Dads artistic licence.
His used his favourite figures Airfix, Historex etc.
Brilliant! Love the little touches like the xmas tree and the dog cocking his leg. The trench railway 'train' is amazing. All scratch built?
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Airfix model T, his usual mix of figures, not sure about the Padre though. The building is one of those buildings done by the late Roy Porter, he was a Monkey. Everything else scratch.
Should I put in the railways thread?? :dance::dance:
Didn't realise they cannibalised old cars for locos. Found this pic to show they did!

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