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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Idrach, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. Folks,

    Young master Idrach is now a cadet and is having to deal with the Mk8 rifle. He's having problems (being about 4 stone, holding the weapon steady is clearly one of them so he's gone onto weight training :nod:), also a bit of marksmanship training is in order. However, that means that the optics have had to come off my .22 and he's not entirely convinced about the notch rear sight that has gone back on.

    I can find new air rifles with diopter rear sights for about £70 (frankly, if this is the option, I'm not going to weep about it) - does anybody know where I can get a decent pinhole rear sight from - web, Edinburgh, Stirling or Weegie-ville - please?

    The gun is a bog-standard Weihrauch HW-77 on the unlikely chance that makes any difference ...

    Ta much.
  2. Is it not an aperture sight that you are looking for...?

    You would really need to change the the foresight as well in that case. I suppose you could buy a pukka aperture sight and fit it to an air rifle, but frankly you could spend as much as buying one of these..

    Air Rifle Biathlon Trainer .177 Caliber, BB Guns, Pellet guns, Air rifles, BB pellet guns, Replica - UK

    Which is what I suspect you want.. and probably what you have been looking at..

    I got one of these for the boys when they were young.. It has a crap trigger but it has a "proper" sight, and is light and small enough for small bodies. I would STRONGLY reccomend this as the ideal rifle for teaching young folk to shoot..

    As you are obviously north of the Border, why not bring the lad to the Scottish Hysterical meet next Saturday at Castlelaw, and see some PROPER rifles being shot..
  3. Think I've got some old sights in work - will see what's there Monday and let you know if there's anything HW-77 stickonable.
  4. Here is a set :

    AirForce Adaptive Target Sight Set, Fits Most 10-Meter 3-Position Rifles. AIRFORCE ACCESSORIES.
  5. Okay, okay :)

    Yes - that's the beast I'd seen.

    What, SLR? Sorry, not able - I'll be suffering the hell known as Corsham ...
  6. As I see it you have three choices.

    Firstly, the HW77 has a standard 11mm dovetail, so almost any 0.22 rimfire target diopter sight should fit. Unfortunately, as you have found, even second hand these probably cost almost as much as your airgun. However, it might be worth calling the NSRA shop or Surrey Guns to see if they have something knocking about.

    Second, you can get a cheapish airgun diopter. There is one branded as either Gamo or Daisy that retails for about £50-60.

    Finally, there is the budget option. Buy a Sportsmatch arrestor block for about £8-10 and fit it to the 11mm dovetail. Drill a hole through the centre of a Penny. Put a big blob of Areldite on the top of the arrestor block, shove in the Penny and push it about until you get a rough zero before the epoxy sets.
  7. Oh botheration. Both the SMK 1790 and the newer 1798 are now out of production, at least according to the not-particularly local SMK it is easiest for me to get too. Back to the drawing board ...