Discussion in 'Sappers' started by thedobo, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Saw the remarkable explosives expert [cant remember his name though] on the BBC news tonight.

    Is this the guy who invented DIOPLEX
    Does DIOPLEX really stand for do-it-oneself-plastic-explosive
    Was it ever adopted by the British army

    any info appreciated.
  2. Aye, try this..

    Phone the confidential Anti-Terrorist hotline number on 0800789321 and ask what their knowledge of dioplex is.

    I'm quite sure the SOCA's will accomodate you in every way and they may even invite you in to Paddington Green to have a wee chat about your, interest's.
  3. That would largely involve SOCA being able to find their collective ******** with a GPS system and a Navajo guide.

    Besides, they're into people trafficking and drugs mainly. That's why they throw such wild parties :-D
  4. Chalky,

    FFS don't, this is reeeally serious.

    Anybody with an LPG and petrol run motor is going to get a visit by the Recce or the Hereford hooligans or a night club bouncer or ambulance man or a traffic warden.

    Fuksake how many points is that on your licence and possibly a 9 mil pill for last orders.
    Just as you roll out of a west end night club.

    So the men in black turn up and...........

    "So why did your 10 officers/troopers/mr green/black etc shoot the deceased "?

    "He raised his hand and adopted a shooting stance with his middle finger m'lud"

    "So the action that you all took of firing 60 rounds each justified this volley of shots"?

    "Yes M'Lud, there were Arabs in the way"
  5. Professor Sidney Alford is probably the man you are thinking of, attended one of his lectures many moons ago, a bit of a magnus pike character-----------highly infectious enthusiasm.
  6. Magnus Pike was my Chem and Bio teacher, how the Fk would you know him ?
  7. I know Sidney well.Mad as a hatter,but knowledgeable.Found myself with him on a ship off Falmouth,on fire and loaded with explosives some years ago.Sidney's 'safety limitations' have no limitations at all.BTW,he speaks a fluent oriental language,which he uses when talking to his other half,so that others don't know what he is saying!!

    I understand that his neighbours in Wiltshire were always complaining about loud noises in his garden.Inventor of magnetised and aerosol explosives.
  8. Thanks '89
    Nice to see that unlike some others in this thread you knew what I was talking about, gave a constructive answer, and did not just use it as a opportubity to be a p###k!!
  9. Praise indeed!