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DIO completes state-of-the-art gym for Royal Navy

Can't abide admin myself - which is why I've declined the opportunity to pursue being an OF3...

But it's not easy to make a case for more, rather than fewer, Arbuthnots in the service.

Jogging a memory, Arbuthnot's lunacy at Jutland may have been sparked by the battlecruiser raid on Scarborough, when Arbuthnot (commanding Orion, leading the 2nd Battle Squadron's second division) had German ships - the light cruiser Straslund and her escorts - in sight, but refused to open fire without having had permission from Admiral Warrender (which didn't come until after the Germans had disappeared into the murk). Having been sharply criticised, and barely escaping having the returning Fisher sack him, Arbuthnot seems to have decided that this time nobody's going to accuse him of indecision or faint-heartedness...

(Massie's "Castles of Steel" for that one. Have I got too many books?)
If you have not done so already, Brooks is the latest v good work on Jutland worth a read.
Oh, and worth saying that the real loss to the RN amongst senior officers at Jutland seems to have been Hood - someone not prepared to cruise to the top on the coat tails of his family's pedigree for admirals, but a seriously clever, seriously hard working chap. Had just telephoned up to the gunnery officer in Invincible to congratulate him on his lads' very fine shooting when the ship exploded - the gunnery officer, up in the top, was one of the only survivors.

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