Dinner lady sacked for serving pork to a Muslim pupil

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by geezer466, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. There's a whisper on here though.
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  2. It seems a bit harsh but then she also seems to have been **** at her job.
  3. UKIP leader defends support for sacked dinner lady - ITV News

    Inayat Bunglawala, founder of campaign group Muslims4UK, said that the sacking, for a one off mistake, was, on the face of it, an overreaction.
    But he added: "I am a bit concerned that a leader of a political party would seek to make capital out of this, because it is a minor issue."

    Really !!!! a minor issue !!! try telling that to the lady concerned, you knob.
  4. Well this throws new light on it. If the silly cow didn't learn her lesson from the gammon incident she needed sacking.
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  5. Outrage Panzer - vorwaerts marsch!:twisted:
  6. Top employees don't just get sacked off the cuff for a single mistake. I think it may be conceivable that the lady in question screwed up one time too many.

    Journos sensationalising a point to get readers, whatever next!
  7. They do if it's gross misconduct and while I don't think you're wrong necessarily, I do reckon the rub of this is in mention of a "dietary requirements" list.

    Give a big (or little in this case) scary Muslim a hunk of pig and as most people seem to agree there's no harm done, give a coeliac child a bread roll causing a rampant dose of the squirts however and the parents will be on to Claims Direct before the underwear is on rinse cycle.

    Same list? Dunno, but it's a sound bet.
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  8. Hmm the interview sounded a bit suspect.
    Is this the only reason you were sacked?
    On paper yes..... (sounds like more has gone on and this was the final straw)
  9. She deserved it the insensitive bitch. Bet she had a couple of pound of Wall's sausages under the counter as well.
  10. Predictable.
  11. Indeed.

    "Dinner Lady Sacked after Killing Child with Peanuts" probably wouldn't get the old outrage bus quite so revved-up.
  12. It's actually very hard to give someone 'instant dismissal' as this woman claims- that is for a single offence.

    Pretty well the only grounds, as mentioned earlier, is gross misconduct which is something like dishonesty, serious harassment, violence (or threat of).

    Outside of that, and the dinner lady's offence is nowhere near gross misconduct, the employer has to go through all sorts of hoops to get rid of someone, invariably involving verbal warnings, final written warnings and so on.

    She's kicked of the outrage bus but if the truth comes out, it will probably be at odds with her claim
  13. Unfortunately this is the result of religious freeks believing a book that was written about 1500 yrs ago and a " diversity policy" lead employer........you don't want to upset the muslamics now do you!!

    Religion and diversity tut tut!
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