Dinner lady sacked for serving gammon to Muslim.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by westendboy, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. 'However, British group Campaign Muslim4UK branded Alison's sacking 'heavy-handed'.

    Chairman Inayat Buglawala said: "Dismissing a dinner lady for inadvertently serving pig meat is an overreaction.'
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  2. PC gone totally insane......yet again!

    Get a grip UK!
  3. If the child requests something and is able to decide what she wants, should she be denied it because of the religious beleifs of the parents?
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  4. Utterly ridiculous. It sadly shows the paranoia there is now in our society due to PC crap and that it is getting out of hand.
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  5. When I was that age I never ate meat and I wouldn't eat it as a baby. The teachers bullied and threatened me that I'd got to eat meat and fish but I ate neither. The dinner ladies gave me more of what I did like.
    I think a child can decide for themselves what they want to eat.
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  6. Would a Muslim man refer to his penis as a "pork sword"?
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  7. a spokesperson for the dinner lady said, "she has been working here for 11 years and had no idea the gammon was made from pig meat".....

    ...."she thought it was all horse!"

    I'm here all week...try the gammon!
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  8. The Dinner Lady was clearly in the wrong.

    She should have suggested the pork chop.
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  9. I would contact the Solicitors Gammon4u and state my case

  10. Absolutely, and that is also the reason they have choices, so the kid can choose what to eat. The kid being a mussie is no concern or business of the dinner lady and the mere fact that the kid asked for gammon should absolve the dinner lady of any blame if any in this ridiculous debacle. If I was the dinner lady, I would be suing the ass of the employer and the school.
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  11. I didn't want tapioca at school but the bastards gave it to me anyway.
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  12. I have to admit, I did one of those lol things there.
  13. More chance of them labelling it Kosher.
  14. I'm so outraged I went & made myself a couple of bacon butties to calm down.
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