Dinner in Yypres

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BigRed, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. All,

    Maybe not strictly the right place however off on a Battlefield Study in the New Year and have to find somewhere around Yypres for a Regimental style dinner after the Last Post. Looking at around 25 - 30 pers.

    Anybody got any top tips on venue with good food and liquid sustenance?

    Many Thanks

  2. Most restaurants are pretty pokey although the average standard of food is high. If you mean a real regi do with proper all sat down regi style etiquette, then maybe the Rabbit or the Novotel can help - although the Novotel is an unknown quantity vis a vis food save brekkie for cuddles!
  3. the shell hole in Ypres is a bar run by an ex-squaddie. He's been there quite a few years and may be able to help. He is on +32 (0)57 20 87 58 or


    I would imagine he is in with the local restauranters. Also, his place is well worth a visit as you often get historians & researchers staying there (plus the beers good!)
  4. I have stayed in a couple of hotels in Ypres area, and they were fine. However, although a distance from Ypres, the best value hotel I have stayed in when on a battlefield tour was the HOTEL DE L'UNIVERS in Arras. Fantastic food and a wine list about the size of a telephone directory. A quick link

    Hope you find the right place and enjoy the trip.
  5. We use "Den Anker" for feeding many of our groups visiting Ypres. We used to feed Army Recruits in the Cloth Hall but the town reclaimed that for their own special events, weddings etc.

    The Cloth Hall is a splendid venue and may be available for a one off "Regimental Dinner" - would you like us to find out if its possible?

    We also have links to the Belgian Army who may be able to recommend somewhere suitable.

    Send me a PM with your contact details if you are interested.
  6. Perhaps as aside but relevant to European visits, particularly for RBL_Travel but not exclusively, travel insurance for the over 80s.

    American Express advise they are not catering for over 80s since last summer - so who to try for realistic Euro cover?

    For those who have never been confronted by this, it is a major shortcoming. A reasonable fit-for-their-age Veteran, (doctor certfied fit-to-travel), who has the standard UK/Euro medical card anyway, can be asked 2 or 3 times the cost of the trip, just for Travel Insurance. Yes it is that stupid. As they have reciprocal Euro medical cover already, all it really comes down to is ambulance repatriation cover. Should they die in Euro it doesn't cost much to fly the body home, though like all businesses, there are despicable rip-off merchants about who bank on people not 'shopping around' at a time like this. :x

  7. There are/were a couple of very nice restaurants in the square all capable of coping with 30+ guests, but I didn't take their details due tio a large amount of beer.......

    But you will have to book. Not sure if the Dance of the Flaming Arrseholes by Mr Vice will go down too well, though!

  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I cant recall the name but it was similair to Gasthuas ZWerd in the title, it is 11 oclock in the square, facing the Menin Gate.

    Good tucker and stayed open late. But as posted there are many decent restaurents around the town including a couple of Chineses.

    Time spent in recce is seldom wasted.
  9. Too true, Q credits and BigRed driving off into the distance..........

    Well off to Eurotunnel on monday actually, recce just before Xmas, bonus!!