Dinner grace


I have been pinged to deliver the grace at a warrant officers lunch.

Tried a Google search but the results were naff.

Anyone done one before? Few examples would be ideal.

Preferably rhyming but within the taste of a Sgt's mess.
Peace and Grace once ruled this place
An Angel held open the door
Now Peace is dead
The Angel has fled
And Grace is a hustling whore.

Got grace in twice.
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"Just keep your hands and feet away from their mouths"
I do think its about time that ARRSE had a Seniors section.
We thank thee Lord, for what we see
There's twenty here, and grub for three
Rub-a-dub dub
thank God for the grub
Lord and Father, most divine
who first turned water into wine
please forgive us foolish men
who seek to turn it back again
Jam sarnies again?
Well fùck you, Ron Venn


Dear God,
With thanks and little procrastination,
Lets enjoy this mastication.
I do think its about time that ARRSE had a Seniors section.
I've spent most of the year away from Internet access and after rejoining this hallowed site, imagine my surprise to see that Most of the members on here have been awarded medals galore, oak leaves, Iron Crosses etc. At the risk of developing a thread cross, I am feeling very marginalised.
Don't worry, mate; I only wear the medals I stole from my RSM.
Actually upon reflection, as the OP mentioned delivering Grace in the company of WO's, presumably it will be in the Sgt's mess, so from past experience perhaps I should have said Margarinealised.
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Good food, good friends,
Good wine, good meat.
That's enough of that,
Good God, let's eat!
Used it many a times in the Officers mess


War Hero
If you want the blighters to think you are smarter than they thought.....

Benedictus, Benedicat per Jesum Christum Dominum Nostrum
(May he who is Blessed bless [this food] through Jesus Christ Our Lord)

Give 'em a grace in Latin. Fourth word pronounced yea-sum, rest as it is spelt. Can't go wrong.
If anyone whinges tell them it was good enough for the Pub Landlord when he was at Oxford so it is good enough for them.

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