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Dinner for Help for Heroes

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by derek6107, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. We are putting together a black tie dinner at the HAC in London to support Help for Heroes. The event is aimed at any cadets, former cadets or their instructors or officers.

    The event is this coming Friday 8th January 2010.

    If you have any current or former interest in the cadets (army, sea, air, CCF) or would like to support H4H, you can apply for tickets to cadet150 @

    Tickets are £40 each to include 3 course meal at the Honourable Artillery Company, London. Special Guest will be Matt Croucher GC

    We have a justgiving page at: please take a look.
  2. Is the lube, and gimp masks provided?

    Will there be boys as well as girls, and can I play with both if I feel the urge?

    I await your reply..................
  3. Will there be music?

    If so I have always found that anything by Mr G Glitter goes down well (if you excuse the pun)

    Or my preferred.....Ode to a Kiddyfiddler :)
  4. God, I love you.