Dinky toy storys

There certainly seems a lot of posts, about serving on the Chieftan, must admit when driving one i did feel that i wouldnt have to worry about walls or trees, though as we zipped past them at about 10 miles an hour looking dashing,usually totally lost, but well if we looked like we knew what we we were doing, who cared.

We in the Dinkys, away from prying eyes, such as battlegroup command, could still cause mayhem for everyone, on an exercise in 80/1 i think, we were doing our stuff, getting lost, reporting from the middle of the mittland canal and defending a bridge facing the wrong way, well at the time i had a commander who had returned from the SAS, a mad jock who brought back some interesting kit.

So as we bimbled down a road through a forest, lost as usual ( but well we werent going to argue with him), in front of us is a belgie M113 full of crunchies, slowing down to pass them, mad jock goes watch this, and lobs something into the back of M113, telling the driver to speed up.

Looking back, i say funny colour smoke. Laughing mad jock goes, not smoke its CS gas.
T*G the driver now accelerates to mach 3, as i close hatch, all i can see is a group of soldiers falling about on road, and hear mad jock laughing his bollocks off.

Well, the Belgies werent actually part of our exercise, and we had stumbled into the next exercise area, and i think it was either the 9/12th or 1 RTR recces area, as we heard on the naafi circuit sometime later, that about 20 minutes or so after a lone scimmy trundles down the same road, and is stopped by some very mad and crying belgies who beat the crew up, then seems the belgies went hunting for any dinky toy boys, so id like to apologise if your one of the crews who suffered, but well it was frigging funny at the time
Just to remind you mate - bigger was always best (unless American that is) we could do this....

and looked great and......for longer as we could only go slowly past the wenches.
But..................give us a CVR and about 60mph and we could do............this!!!
Well, we could do that too, mind you in the first pic, our driver would have drowned, and we would have had to swim to shore, and well we did the 2nd one with alarming regularity.

The first pic reminds me of the film we made for the MOD, tank recovery. Took us 4 days to film and boy did we arse about :D , never saw the finished film though.


Bloody speed bandits - o for the life of the 20min BFT and the gently hummmm of the Chiefy.


These 2 had dinky toys - one a porsche (in bits in the troop hanger) and the otner a nice green TR7 which rotted in the car park. 8)



soprano54 said:
elovabloke said:
Bloody speed bandits - o for the life of the 20min BFT and the gently hummmm of the Chiefy.
Does that mean you were only halfway around!!! LOL
Still putting the boots on
Fond memories of my days on CVR(T), apart from when driving down this track on exercise with steep sides and lost both tracks on the inside. So i told my gunner to get the spade and start digging us out, he tells me he forgot to pack it and it was at the last location, so I gave him a map and told him to start running to the last location to get it. We didnt see him for the next three hours, when he got back with the spade he was chinstrapped so I told him to start digging while the driver, Rich**** Ki***r and me finished our lunch. HAPPY DAYS.
I think my scariest recollection on CVR(T) was with the Royal Marines jumping from boat to boat and doing beach landings. Lucky I was dry in the gunners slot, poor driver got soaked all day long.

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