Dining out after 22 years Regular service.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Filbert Fox, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. There are several members of my unit who are leaving after 22 years service to their Corps and the Army in the next 12 months.
    Word on the street is that it is being considered to dine them out with a working lunch!
    I personally think that this is an outrage, it should be no less than a Regt dinner. I have made my views clear within the mess of this.

    Working lunches are ok as a 'bring a boss' or a 'welcome back from tour' and a seniors get together, but not as a dining out after 22 years service!

    Whats the view of my esteemed collegues and fellow mess members here on ARRSE?
  2. I posted on a similar thread a while back, but my experience on retiring after 22 years was to be ignored by my own Corps, despite having contributed to the Central Mess for 12 years and I was dined out by the RAF!

    I think that there were about 6 being dined out at top table that night and two of us were Army!

    Another reason why I won't join my Corps Association either...
  3. A fellow mess member at our mess is having a working lunch as his 22 year send off, because it is what he requested. I think the more informal "say goodbye" is happening more and more and not necessarily a bad thing
  4. theres the difference Sniffer, he requested it, the 7 people in question here (and I think you probably know where I am) havent!
  5. I would consider that typical of the place then Filbert.
  6. Absolute disgrace! In our Mess (Joint Garrison Mess) we always have a dine out, I always make the effort to go irrepective whether I knew them or not as it is a sign of respect to dine someone out who has given 22 yrs to the crown, they deserve a good send off. I hope I get a good turn out when my time comes!

    It has even been suggested that for Long Gong presentation we should have a curry lunch following the presentation, again I think that is a nice touch!
  7. thanks Pet!
  8. Filbert,

    As you are being dined out, why not air your grievance. I agree with you on this. At the very least it should be Regt Breakfast, Silver Lunch, Regt Dinner. Proper blow out.
  9. Ive put it in writing to the relevant persons and have had the square route of bugger all in response as yet..
  10. Personally, i would prefer a working lunch in lounge suits and believe it should be the choice of the individual(s) who are retiring.

    Filbert, put a proposition in the book with an appropriate seconder and put it to the vote at the next mess meeting. If its voted in by the members, it would be highly inappropriate for the badge to veto the idea.
  11. working lunches do not do the individuals the service that they deserve, the number attending is reduced due to those who cannot get away from work, come mid afternoon people start to slope away for whatever reason and the food and service is well below that of a Regt dinner.
  12. I know a bloke who was a mess member for 15 of his 24 years. He wasn't dined out & received bugger all due to a number of reasons too complicated to explain. He supports the institution of the Sgts mess but has sadly vowed never to set foot in one again, nor will he acknowledge service in that particular corps (he had 3 cap badges in total & has been out for 7 years)

    I've posted this in the hope that it doesn't happen to anyone else.
  13. In your oppinion Filbert, as i said it should be the choice of the individual. The quality of the service you receive for a Top Table Lunch will of course be dependent on your own Mess and the contractor who runs it.

    I've been to many 22 yr dining outs, and although i enjoy them i find that the mess tends to group people together which doesnt do justice to the individual. In one case i attended a dinner where we dined out a Corps RSM and 2 others leaving on commissioning. The dinner didnt do any of them justice. I've also attended a working lunch that was timed at 1600 hrs with the "lunch" served at 1700 (the meal was fish, chips and mushy peas in newspaper at the request of the lad leaving). It was one of the best leaving do's i've been to.

    It has to be personal preference and if you work in an environment where an afternoon away can be arranged, then that would be my preference. As for people sloping away, i would prefer people to be able to leave when they wish after eating and drinking their fill, after having a good afternoon. Works for me, might not for others.
  14. Shouldn't this sort of thing be covered in Mess rules. Something along the lines of 'Any sldr' completing 22yrs Color service should have the choice of being dined out at a formal dinner eg Regt / Ladies dinner night or a TTL. '

    With advent of the contracting system only so many 'Formal' dinners a year can be subsidised so it would make sence to add something to the rules that if a formal option is chosen then the dinning out would be at the nearest one to them leaving the service.
  15. and as was written above:

    If these people had requested it then fine but they havent, they all want to be dined out at a dinner, last time in Mess Dress etc...