Dining Out? A right or something else

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Is it a right to demand a dinning out (or when/where it is)?

    Left a unit a while back and I didn't have one, but all regulars and more senior TA seem to get one (I didn't ask for one but also wasn't asked about it either, I did enjoy the old place and the people - a move was needed for a number of other reasons).
  2. A dining out is a compliment afforded those who were regarded by the unit as worthy of such an honour.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    By the way, 'Dining' only has one 'd'
  3. He spelt it with one 'd'. I'm sure you meant one 'n'. The messer becomes the messee.
  4. Yes we ALL know why you had to move Regts.
  5. ooer! - I stand corrected. Still, it only has one 'n' as well. Maybe I'm Lysdexic?
  6. By the way, a sentence generally ends in a full stop.
  7. Poplar, sorry, polar,

    I left my last 3 units and was never dined out. It is for the select few, i.e. the PSIs, those who helped them and then there are us, the workers. You backed me greatly in my time of need earlier this year, perhaps we should meet up and dine each other out. F*** them. The Grey_man will come for a beer and will a few others who got dealt the short straw.
  8. That sounds like a great idea Mr dodos, perhaps some other good fellows could come along, you know put faces to names...sounds like a plan my lord
  9. Bobos, oddly I've been exchanging PM's with the greyman about the same subject. Sounds like a good idea, I might be able to secure a TAC for sleeps, meal would be easier in a restaurant (no mess bills etc).
  10. Dining out seems to be haphazard - my unit tries to have a couple of Ladies Dinner Nights a year, so we aim to get the Mess Members who have left to come along to them.

    A lot of the time, it boils down to just that - time. There's not always the time available where you can get the Mess together for a function, and if not done promptly after someone has left, it looks embarrassing.

    I also wonder if it's a part of the social aspect of the TA (and perhaps the Regular Army) that is fading away? There have been a few postings within the Seniors forum about the decline of Mess life, and dinings out in particular.
  11. Very good point, we are/were a family. From comments I've read tonight its still something we appreciate but we've let things slide. Letting regulars run the mess is wrong (although can't be helped in some cases), not an anti regular post, but the best SNCO&WO function I've ever been on was organised by the Leeds Rifles Retired Sgts & WO Association. If I don't rejoin it soon, then please let rip.
  12. If I might suggest an appropriate establishment...

  13. Hey hey its Mr. Vice and the PMC...

  14. Sadly, the PMC got into a bit of a scrap... all ends in tears...

  15. If its in Hull can I come along? Thats if im not at the Somme :x