Dining-in nights

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by cdtjohn, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Dining-in nights or regimental dinners, are they still popular in the Armed Forces of Great Britain?

    Have you guys ever been invited?
  2. I waited on one in training, it was fantastic, the seniors got us all totally leathered and not all of us could serve the final course
  3. Speaking from the Officers Mess side of things, they're always a good night out, depends on the company though. Some can be like watching paint dry, as you listen to some codger prattle on about some irrelevant and frankly dull hobby horse. The good ones involve a certain amout of shenanigans (in the best possible taste), a good spectrum of people (from junior to senior officers), and a good collective sense of humour.
  4. And the best one's make it onto the front page of the sunday papers! :wink:
  5. Dinners are great when at RD, but of course staff officers don't usually get "dined-in" in the usual way. They are one of the great things about the Regimental System. Mind you, the Royal Navy Trafalgar nights are hard to beat for gravitas mixed with a sense of fun...
  6. RAF Battle of Britain nights are usually fun as the foxy female RAF doc/dentist/fighter controller always ends up dancing pissed on a table with her skirts up
  7. One of the best dinner nights I went to was the Fleet Air Arm Taranto Night.

  8. Was it a theme night based on Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs etc?
  9. :roll:
  10. I especially like Uma Thurman. In a leather catsuit.
  11. for one horrible moment I read that as " I am especially like Ume Thurman etc
  12. If i were, then I fear I would not get much work done through the day due to self molesting!!!
  13. no, the theme at Taranto night is blowing up Italian battleships
  14. Wah?