dingo should nt we be buying some of these?

Dingo - All Protected Vehicle (APV)

The Dingo APV was designed to provide a safe and secure multi-purpose vehicle for military and peacekeeping operations. The Dingo 2 is an air transportable, armored mine-proof vehicle, based on a commercial Unimog U1550L chassis produced by DaimlerChrysler, designed for high mobility in any type of terrain.

The vehicle is fitted with an armored cage protecting the passengers, engine compartment, fuel tank and cargo bay. The modular, repairable armor provides all-round protection against all types of hand-held weapons, as well as artillery fragments up to 155mm. In addition, the DINGO is fitted with an oblique "blast deflector" floor, providing crew protection against heavy anti-tank (AT), EFP (Explosive Formed Penetration) mines and anti-personnel (AP) mines. It is designed to travel at speeds of up to 100 km/h (62mph), has a range of 1000 km (621 miles), is air transportable by C-130 and C-160 aircraft and can be airlifted by CH47/CH53 helicopters.

So far the German Army ordered 145 Dingo I and II vehicles for its rapid deployment units, currently operating with KFOR in Kosovo and Macedonia and with coalition forces in Afghanistan. Belgium also ordered 352 of the new Dingo III version, also known as Multi-Purpose Protected Vehicles (MPPV). Two versions of the Dingo 2 will be offered, with wheel bases of 3,250 (short version) and 3,850mm (long version), tailored for a variety of transport and carrier configurations designed for reconnaissance, command and control, ambulance, mission platform, forward air control and other missions.
The DINGO 2 is based on the Unimog 5000 chassis. The diesel powered vehicle is offered in two versions - the short (3.25m' wheel base) and long (3.85m' wheel base) which can carry eight fully equipped troops. The Dingo-2 can be fitted with an overhead weapon station, and has an integral collective NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection and air-conditioning system. Other integral systems include GPS navigation, rear-view camera, ABS, as well as radio and internal communications systems.

The vehicle has an authorized total weight of 9,200 kg for a payload of 1,200 kg plus five fully equipped soldiers. The German Bundeswehr is arming its Dingo version with an under-armor operated 7.62 mm machine gun. Alternatively, a .50 cal. machine gun or a 40-mm automatic grenade-launcher can be mounted on the same weapon station. The German Army requirement for Dingo is over 450
sorry to dim to put pictures up but looks a bit more armoured than vector but at £250000 probably more expensive
the idf are buying so they can't be all apnts:(
Think we should but our army will probably try and get tonka to make us a cheaper one.
Had a shot of a Dingo in Kabul, during a range day with the Krauts. The Roof Mounted MG was shit hot and very accurate. The only drawback that I could see, was that you had to manually load and cock the Mg from outside. Apart from that, it is a very sturdy and reliable vehicle.

edited, because Hackle beat me to the Photo's :cry:
Saw the heading and thought of these, probably more within the DPA's price range.
Why would the MOD buy these? They work, they are readily available and they protect our troops, but they cost a lot of money, which can go to things like the NHS to waste $25 Million Pounds (no pounds sign on this computer) on a computer system that did not work! MOD likes to go for its own projects, which are always late and millions of pounds over budget and then prove to be totally useless! Bowman ring a bell for any one? I think it was end of last week that Des Brown the new defense secretary was saying the Land Rovers in Iraq are not inadequate, but they dont stand up to road side bombs, which sadly means a lot of British troops have been killed, what if they had a vehicle like that? Decent armour and protection, which costs a lot, but its what the troops deserve.
its not invulnerable true but it works will kep you alive if it runs over an anti tank mine proved in kosovo.
looks about as unintimidating as something with a load of armour on can and based on a unimog so not exactly unreliable (if new age travellers can keep unimogs road worthy not going to be a problem for the army)
if the gemrans and israil's are using them has to be at least half decent

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