Dinghy Sailing/Windsurfing in the UK


I have been trying to find the telephone numbers of dinghy sailing centres in southern UK. It is not an officially recognised adventurous training sport and doesn't seem to be as well established as in Germany.

I think there are centres in Minley and Southhampton. Can anyone out there assist me?
Netley isn't just an ex-nuthouse:

ASA Dinghy And Windsurfing Centre (ASA 130)
Royal Victoria Country Park
Netley Abbey
SO31 5GA

Tel: 023 8045 7242
E-mail: admin@netleysc.org.uk
Web Site: www.netleysc.org.uk

Contact Details:
Mr Clive Anthony Grant
20 Bedford Avenue
SO19 9GF

Tel: 023 8045 7242
Home Tel: 023 8057 9611
E-mail: asacoach@tiscali.co.uk

Alternatively, try Stokes Bay SC which has a large mil presence:

Stokes Bay Sailing Club
The Promenade
Stokes Bay Road
PO12 2BL

Tel: 023 9258 1513
Fax: 023 9258 1513
E-mail: administrator@stokesbay-sc.co.uk
Web Site: www.stokesbay-sc.co.uk

Contact Details:
The Promenade
Stokes Bay Road
PO12 2BL

Home Tel: 023 9258 1513
E-mail: administrator@stokesbay-sc.co.uk

All the RYA affilliated clubs are listed at:


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If you get hold of a copy of JSP 349 (Adventure Training Compendium) you will see the details for all the relevant centres and courses.

The RA Yacht Club at Thorney Island (01243 388315) run RYA courses and is open to all units.



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...and finally, you could try


I used to sail my Wayfarer at Netley Cliff, just up Soton Water from there - good bit of oggin,provided you avoid the 38,000 tonne box boats/LSL's/ RCL's/mexefloats/Rigid Raiders gliding/roaring up and down.

The Army Sailing Assoc club at Netley runs RYA dinghy and Powerboat courses - up to Instructor - which I believe can be booked through 17 Port & Maritime Regt at Marchwood Military port - ask for Vessel troop.

There is actually a dedicated Windsurf area higher up near Eling Creek.

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The best sailing club in the South is Weston Sailing Club on Southampton Water. It depends upon what type of dinghy you sail, or want to learn to sail. Do you want to sail tragically slow Wayfarers, or nearly soil yourself with fear in an Int 14?

There are lots of rather pedestrian clubs in the South, including JSASTC and the Royal Navy dinghy club at HMS Excellent (yes, Army and RAF can also join). You can do all the RYA courses there, plus you can break as much equipment as you like, without having to reach into your own pocket.

But for fast and demanding sailing, head to Weston. It's dirt cheap to park your own boat, and there are lots of highly experienced crews there to sponge a ride off.

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