do those on arrse need an excuse to get drunk on a friday?
Did you not have the birthday thing in infant school when if it was someone's birthday they got a nice card with stickers and everything in assembly? And it always seemed to be somebody's birthday?

Well, you've been nominated as today's victim. Bumps in the playground at 1045hrs. Don't worry about the absence of limbs with which to fling you up and down, we'll improvise.
Thanks for the flashback.

We used to stand at the front holding a fake cake with candles* while everyone sang "Happy Birthday to you . . . " and you would then rattle off the list of presents you had.
Great fun unless your Dad is on 6 'til 2 and you want to wait until after school to open your presents when he's home. I stood there and rattled off a completely fictional list of stuff I had, feeling more & more self aware with each item.

* Yes that's right real candles. I had no eye protection, fire proof overalls in a suitable Hi-Viz colour (yellow is very "in" this year) with fire & rescue teams on standby.
Dear me... you are right. I shall have to say something to my assistant about her scribbles on my calendar.

Happy 1st Re-Civvie Birthiversary @dingerr !

You have survived 1 year of "Retirement."
Actually spot on, I only just remembered. Thank you, it really means a lot.


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Happy Birthday, Dinger! Hope you had a great day. The bottle of rum didn't arrive. I can only think you're a greedy bogger and don't want to share. :party: :cool: :party:

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