Ding Dong to #1? What can counter it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Incubus_Imperator, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. I find it rather purile but.

    Apparently the lefty unwashed types have managed to get the 1939 hit 'Ding Dong the witch is dead' to 56, in 12 hours.

    What songs could be used as a counter point?

    I was thinking
    a. Money (that's what I want) by the Flying Lizards.

    b. Only You by the Flying Pickets.

    I would hope that should the unwashed get their way that NO outlet will give airtime or space to such banality, and just hype the number 2 slot. I doubt it though.
  2. A rehash of Monty Python's song "Spam"?

    "scum scum scum scum, scum scum scum scum"

    Did Harry Enfield's "Loadsa money" ever do a song?

    In all seriousness though as you say it's pretty bad taste for this to happen. As it's the Hillsborough disaster anniversary you can just imagine the northern outcry if someone were to in equal bad taste promote Lostprophets "Burn burn". As someone recently said, hypocrisy alive and well.

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  3. There's a song called "Just don't give a fuck" which I feel is particularly descriptive about my emotions on this subject.
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  4. You mean this, zero-over?

  5. The soundtrack of you getting your face adjusted with a pick helve would get my vote.
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  6. In 3/4 time perhaps?
  7. Free market. Sales. Royalties. Profit. Sales. Royalties. Profit. From misfortune. Or otherwise. Sales. Royalties. Profit.

    It's what she would have wanted.
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  8. You do remember her own party binned her? She wasn't as popular as you hoped was she?
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  9. Being over the age of 16, I am unable to give even the tiniest shit, about what is at number one in the record charts. If it amuses these tedious individuals to spunk their money on a grotty old record featuring a gay icon and singing dwarves, let them do so.
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  10. You mean they don't base the Hit Parade on sheet music sales any more? Tsk.
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  11. As I understand it, in the modern age, the musical preferences of the young hep-cats are collated using some sort of electronic device, similar to a ready-reckoner combined with a typewriter, in order to prepare the weekly pop-picking parade.

  12. Yes that's all very well but what has the Military Wives Choir got to do with this?
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  13. My, what will they think of next? I did hear that Mr Edison's Wax Cylinder Phonograph had achieved nationwide sales of almost a dozen, so progress is rampant throughout dear Albion.

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