Ding-Dong the Tw*t has gone!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jonah045, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. All those who live West of Offa's Dyke have cause to rejoice... The waste of blood and organs that is Tricky Dicky Brunstrom has retired.

    The Cod-Druid, Heroin-tolerating, Taser-toting, turned-North Wales Police into a joke-media whoring, nob jockey who delights in issuing 4000+ speeding tickets a week (I'm sure he signs each one personally!!) has decided to spend more time sailing.

    Let's hope his replacement doesn't feel the need to carry on his "good" works!!
  2. Don't hold back, mate - tell us how you really feel! 8O :D
  3. Are we now free to ride round north wales in the manner to which we should?
  4. Funny this topic should be mentioned as I was speaking with my Mother on the phone about him yesterday. As I have stated in previous posts, my Brother is a current serving NWP officer, and before he retired and passed away so was my Father. My Mother thought it was a funny coincidence that upon the same day Brunstrom retired to sail the world on his new yacht, she received a visit from the NWP welfare officer, the first time in 7 years since my Father passed away, and was told that during his tenure as Cheif Constable, all welfare visits had basically been stopped in order to save money. What a fcuking disgrace to both the memory of passed officers and their families. However saying that, his replacement is cut from the same cloth and was brought in by Brunstrom himself, and so I expect more of the same attitude and (non) actions.
  5. Heres hoping his boat gets caught in a squall. Then the radio etc breaks, then he gets boarded by pirates, then sold as a catamite to a somalian warlord
  6. I beleive he was reasonable about some things....

    He didn't really do much (in public) to his daughter for being caught by the Sun (doing 69 in a 50). The Sun were trying to catch him speeding, after he decalred he would break the speed limit on the motorways, if he thought it safe.

    And wasn't his driver flashed?