Ding-ding! Steady on chaps, plenty of room!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by freedomman, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. Nothing to see here, just normal ChavLife® after 13 years of Labour social engineering.

    Next door neighbours grown up daughter is currently expecting her 6th brat by the 6th different babyfather
  2. The sad thing is, I can't even be bothered to climb aboard the Outrage Bus for this type of untermench; if I did, I'd never get off the fcuking thing.

    Having said that, I wholeheartedly endorse the Final Solution for the Chav Problem.
  3. My goal in life was to have 12 children from 12 different women.
    But I failed miserably..... :-(
  4. I'm sure he'll be on Jeremy Kyle soon enough. I'm sure the 'ladies' appreciated the attention and the ability to get a shiny council house.
  5. Sponging scrote, even worse, I live next door to a single mum of six by different blokes and she takes home more than me, rent free living and a new car, doles never been so good... I vote 9MM back of head
  6. Of course. Children are the key to the magic lala land of benefits. More kids, more benefits because we cannot have "child poverty" can we?

    Even chavscum can work that one out. And when the brats get to 18 and all the dosh dries up well, just have to have their own kids to perpetuate the cycle.

    Oh and in the interests of saving public money my vote would be for piano wire + suitable attachment point.
  7. Isn`t it about time to fit him with a bulling ring? Not the bulling ring that we all know and love so well, but the ones that vets used to fit to young bulls in days gone by! However, being as I couldn`t find a direct reference to them on Google, could it be that they are nowadays illegal, everything has to be done surgically? I suppose one could use a couple of bog-standard rubber O-rings in default though.

    And, isn`t stitching up snatches the leisure activity of choice in Somalia? Don`t you guys have loads and loads of Somalians over there with nowt to do? How many dots does one need to have before the reflex of joining them up kicks in. It would of course have to be done humanely, steel needles and disinfectant instead of long thorns.
  8. One of these fitted but welded shut instead of tied with a ribbon.
  9. What was that blokes attraction to fat munters??

    It's just a big case of the desperate shagging the desperate
  10. This sort of thing? A lot cheaper than benefits, and at £1.50 per 100 I'd do all his male offspring whilst we were in the area.
  11. both, a medal for shagging women that look like (fat) clusmy beekeepers then whoever pins it on drops a 9mm into his swede as about turns to leave!
  12. The latest one looks like a crackwhore.
  13. One of these, re-usable and will do the job nicely. Also does Pigeons, Rabbits pretty much anything that will put its head in there. Careful though my boss set one went to put the bait in and it broke three of his fingers, this after being warned "Be Fucking careful, put it in softly".

    Edited to add: Yes we did laugh at him.

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  14. Perhaps a 9mm round or two a bit lower would do the trick. If we want to be humane a trip to the vet.