Ding Ding SFO v BAe Systems Round 2...

So I see the SFO is launching another attack at BAe using sub £B fines..!

I have to admit to be in a quandry about this..

One view is that the SFO in shining armour is setting off to tilt at the BAe fat cats in their filthy blood soaked industry..

On the other hand, it it patently obvious the "inducements" are the way of life in the certain parts of the international arms trade, and if you want to play that game this is what you have to do...

Is it just me, or does anyone else sniff a huge dollop of hypocrisy is this? Successive UK governments have distanced themselves from the arms industry, selling off the expertise and investment to private companies and insisting that they fund the UK manufacturing base. They then get on their moral high horse and demand that the companies compete on wholly ineqitable terms.. I mean would the French do this?

I am no particular lover of arms exporters, however I am equally concerned that the UK maintains at least the basic ability to defend itself. Over the past decade, our stategic arms industry has become a joke... We have almost no ammunition manufacturing cabablity and no prospect of recovering what we had.

An enormous case of unrealistic cake procurement and consumption IMHO... :evil:

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