Ding Ding Outrage Bus Departing for PC World To$$ers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by killaloe_holiday, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. 2 weeks ago purchased an iPod Touch as a Christmas gift for Mrs K as she kept nicking mine & les enfants had filled it with loads of free Apps.
    It worked for a week but used to get really hot (like a pocket handwarmer & the battery life was a quarter of mine)
    Eventually it died. Took it back to PC World and asked them for a new one. They refused and said it would be sent away for technical evaluation.
    It took 10 days for a jiffy bag to arrive from a Scottish Company that I had to send it away to today. Am totally disgusted by PC World / DSG.
    The feckers refused me a refund.
    Just a a word of warning to anybody who is considering buying anything from DSG. I will never darken the door of their brands again. Was uber grumpy about spoken to by a spotty burger flipper on minimum wage with the customer care skills of a windy licker who suffered additional head injuries after his sunshine coach was in an RTA with a Tank Transporter. :x :x
  2. Anyone got a outrage unicycle for killaloe_holiday?
  3. Hva ebought loads from PC World and Currys,
    Have always found them to be pleasant and very helpful when things go worng.
    In fact went in this morning cos my printer that I bought from them 18 months ago is knackered, 20 minutes later new printer job job
  4. And the fcukin council still haven't gritted round here,cnuts.So the bus wouldn't get up the fcukin hill.Leave it in the garage.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Should get yourself Gen'd up on the sale of goods act.
  6. plus ,move to Norway,and learn to drive in snow ,and winter weather.
  7. Were they wearing poppies?
  8. pc world or any other store for that matter have set policies for all electrical goods.
    The garentee you get with a product does not automaticaly include a refund, some manufacturers offer a free repair service so they are duty bounto pass it on to you.
    It all depends who made the item and there company policies whether your refunded or the item is swapped or you have to let them send it off for repair.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    While we're at it. I tried to get a boogler out this morning, and got subjected to a torrent of claret for my troubles. I'll be picking out crunchy red bogies for weeks. Fcuking furious.

    Edited to add: Asked the missus to get some more Epson ink yesterday as the printer was flashing 'Gimme C0804, 0804, 0804 ykunt' at her. The computer screen was saying 'Yeah, Epson, you fekking tell her! Beep! C0804 baby, that'll be yeller!'

    So, she goes on to the PC World Website and asks it to reserve the correct yellow ink it needs, after telling the website what the printer is. It says 'Righto, C0484 it is then - come and grab it when yer ready.'

    She gets home with it and throws her teddy because it's the wrong one.

    Muggins goes to PC World this morning, ready for a nose-to-nose with the spotty gimp what gave it to her, and what does he say?

    "Oooh, lemme have a look sir. Yup, the website's wrong, so I'll send them a note to correct that error. I see you've opened the ink, but it's not surprising; you thought it was the right one. Let me get you the correct one and I'll swap them over for you. Is that alright sir?"

    "Er, yeah, um, great, thanks" says I.

    Job jobbed.
  10. killaloe_holiday

    look up the sale of goods act.

    You are entitled to a full refund or replacement product if the goods are found to be faulty.

    Grow a set and get back in there and demand your rights.

  11. Did they refuse to serve him coffee?

    ARRSE was doing so well for a few days there. I guess there must have been an ice-cream sale somewhere on the internet which kept this lot distracted and writing poetry for a few days.
  12. You let him get away with that? You should have demanded a free laptop!
  13. Sorry for the brief reply. I'm writing from my phone - email the directors of PC world if you're having no joy, with a polite email. I did the same when I had a repair problem with a laptop - the problem was sorted in a day, after the directors PA was told to sor it. Not sure of the addresses etc, but they're not too difficult to find using google.
  14. iPhone O2 data network has been down for a couple of days.Ditched mine some time ago,and got a Blackberry on Voda.Excellent device and no probs so far.
  15. get with the times - that was superseded by the Provision of goods and services act