Ding! Ding! and were off - BBC expenses revealed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. That's a lot of TV licence fees! :evil:

    They seem just like MP's , their wages are not for spending…

    "…Mark Linsey, controller of entertainment commissioning, claimed more than £160 for wine for stars of this year's Comic Relief.

    He spent £85.90 on two bottles of wine for two of the people who took part in the charity fundraiser, and £77 on another two bottles of wine for "key talent" from the show's Let's Dance competition.

    Mr Linsey, on a salary of £175,000, also claimed £12.48 for four good luck cards for Comic Relief stars.…"

  2. I am all in favour of scrapping the TV licence. This wont help change my mind!
  3. I couldn't give a monkeys hoop to be honest.

    What the fcuk has ARRSE turned into. A whingeathon?!!?
  4. No..an outrageathon.
  5. Sorry folks but none of those expenses look outrageous to me. Yentov paying £3 and a half k for a return flight to NY.......bargain.Why should they pay anything out of their income when it can be legitimately claimed back.

  6. Can you put a monkeys hoop on expenses?
  7. Oil Slick, I wish you would load up your beloved 'Outrage Bus' with all of your cringeworthy ARRSE cliches and go on a long one-way trip to some other website. I hear that the RAF's e-goat is full of tedious bores so you should fit in quite well.

  8. If I run out of toilet paper I'll be sure to give you a call so you can lick it clean for me…

    Failing that, you could always try ignoring me instead of boarding the bus and being outraged
  9. I hate to say this because I totally dislike the BBC but their expenses seem quite reasonable. Take off the amount for T&S and there is very little left!

    We are talking high level execs here, you have to expect some expenses, these appear reasonable.
  10. I wonder how much is listed for 'fruit and flowers' for the Green Room.

    This used to be code for 'charlie' in the old days.
  11. Believe me I’ve tried, but your posts are analogous to a dripping tap.

  12. Oi! Stay off my bus or buy a ticket!
  13. sorry but being forced into paying the license fee to fund the sort of salaries these people demand is i believe fcking outrageous.

    Mark Thompson Director General of the BBC gets £834,000 a year and between all 106 of the senior management they amass 21.2 million.

    i would rather have the bbc as pay per view and then see what salaries they can demand then

    bbc salaries revealed
  14. BBC is fucking shite anyway.

  15. By the sound of it you've got a career in telly ahead of you too- as a TV Critic . :wink: