Ding Ding All Aboard

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by codename1157, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Now I'm all in favour of a bit of AT but this has got to be extracting the urine!

    The NHS can't pay for cancer sufferers to get the drugs they need but a fcuking racing yacht? No problem.
  2. No bus - you'll need an Outrage Ferry for this one ;)

    .. I seem to remember, under another ZanuLiebour scheme a few years ago, it was proposed that 'unrooly yoofs' who were to be brought to court by the police should be sent on holidays paid for by the taxpayers instead of of being sentenced,
  3. If I were younger, I'd quit the Army and go and be unemployed in Hull. It would probably take me less time to get my Coastal Skipper ticket than 20 years of applying to the JSASTC.
  4. I heard the councillor responsible for the decision on the radio yesterday and his reasoning was that they had £50 k to spend before the financial year ended. So obviously in a struggling northern wasteland, a severe shortage of educated and skilled workers, economic crisis and rising inflation the guy bought a yacht, what's all the fuss about?
  5. What a wonderful idea, I shall write up a few requests of my own.

    Dear PCT,

    Please may I have a rugby team (the wasps will do), it would be a really good idea as it would keep me out of trouble by providing a team of fit men for me to flirt with.

    Could I also have a pub, it would really keep me out of trouble as I could drink myself into a coma and would help the yoof, as by teaching them to drink themselves into a coma they would keep out of trouble too.

    Anyone else have some requests?
  6. Just one thing......consider the joys of sailing in the North Sea in winter under a force 6 or 7..........That would be far more fun than 6 months in the Holiday camps that currently "detain" youth crims........Boat swinging about in 6 axis, no dry clothes, no hot food, salt water everywhere, no sleep because there's nowhere dry, flat or static......,,,

    In fact, don't let Social workers know about thgis, they might consider it cruel and unusual punishment.....

    But I blame year budgets, there's no point in that money not being spent as the Budget Holder will be docked £50k next year for not spending it, and there's probably some pointless rule that docks them £50k for daring to think of spending it on something that budget is allowed to.........
  7. I get your point, I also don't believe the H&S police would let it go out on anything other than a sun-drenched mill pond. :roll:
  8. today is national "Bolt Gun Day"

    and so in celebration of this, my answer for most things will be:

    Just use a bolt gun to end their pointless existences!
  9. Rules out Hull then :)
  10. How many F***ing agencies are out there for these people?
    The NHS is there for sick people not to help out unemployed 17-19 year olds. They should be out looking for a job or training for a job.
    When will people get it into their thick skulls that sometimes people need to be told stand on their own two feet instead of being given everything.
    Can someone tell me why the NHS are giving this money? why have the local powers that be not said "Oy you stupid TW**S put the money into looking after the sick where it should be used"?

    I am ranting on but it really piS*** me off.
    One ticket for the ferry please!
  11. Dinner Sir?
  12. I have no objection to the idea - A/T is a great way to develop people, and I've seen first hand how young immature people with limited skills can really develop from it.

    I do have a major issue with it being spent from the NHS budget though.
  13. I think East Yorks PCT are sailing a bit close to the wind with this one..................

    Coat on...................Taxi! :wink:
  14. Totally agree. with money held under certain "sub-heads"(?) it cannot be vired to other uses. That's why we get the end of year spending spree. New chairs, laptops and coffee machines for everyone.
    It's about time the system was changed to allow budget holders more autonomy over their budgets. Obviously with some oversight so they don't buy yachts and things!
  15. On the other hand,fill the boat up with chav mongs,20 miles out,open sea cocks.
    Sorry we forgot the life preservers!