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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    BBC News - Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws (c) Auntie

    Given that it's gone midday, I'm going to presume that this is not a "April Fools".

    Our leaders have proven themselves to spectacularly incompetent over a number of issues including but not exclsusive to; #pastygate, #donorgate, cash for access, the RTW driver dispute (stockpile motorspirit at home - it's as safe as houses), #grannytax, and, from the various fora here - SDR.

    Now, in the name of "national security" they want to monitor every single e-mither, mobile call, and website that you withthout seeing a magistrate.

    The Govt voted against this in opposition and now want to bring it in.

    You will be able to hide your porn from your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner of choice but not the Govt.
  2. Nothing really to outrageous if they need a warrant.
  3. As always we will be told it is necessary and will be only used sparingly and never abused.

    It will be like Brown and 42 day detention - "there are good reasons for it - we just can't tell Parliament or the public what those reasons are!"
  4. This is ideologically offensive, GCHQ must be privatized, that is a treasure trove of commercially useful information that some suitably generous party donor could sell on at great profit.
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  5. They don't. The key word there is 'content'. They can see who you're emailing and calling, and which websites you're visiting - in real time - without a warrant.
  6. They need to make it absolute clear then what will bring you to the attention of those monitoring.

    What's illegal, what's not and if it's not what flags attention.
  7. I can't see this getting through as is. Cameron was very vocal about civil liberties in opposition and spoke out strongly against Labour proposals to do something similar.

    Its important, because it would not be used for targeted surveillance on key suspects with the correct safeguards (warrants) in place. It would likely be used (if not straight away then eventually) to profile people en masse. Given that everybody reading this is viewing a website that was extremely controversial a few short years ago, that should set alarm bells ringing.
  8. It doesnt set any alarm bells ringing with me. I doubt the goverment care what sites I view.
  9. But they do not know where you live, do they?
  10. I doubt the government care what you do during a normal day, but I bet you'd object to wearing a GPS tracker so they could make sure.

    Information is power and the power the government has over the public needs to be checked extremely carefully.
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  11. I thought that various security services both here & in the USA already had equiptment that is used to flag texts or calls containing certain key words such as bomb, explosives, guns etc especially if used in conjuntion with other key words such as Plane, ship, building, kill etc?
  12. They arent fitting me with a tracker, just as they wont bother monitoring what sites I use. There are 60 million people in the UK they arent going to have the time or money to monitor 10% of that.
    There is absolutely nothing of interest to the goverment what sites most people look at.
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  13. I think I read about that in a fictional book (possibly based on fact) its called echelon or something similar.
  14. They can have all my emails and the content of my computers as long as they give me access to it. Save me backing it up.
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  15. They are fitting you with a tracker. It's no different from them forcing you to wear an ankle monitor, and you agreeing on the basis that they aren't going to care where you go.

    The point is that it's none of their business where you go, or which websites you visit. If you've been flagged by intelligence as a terror suspect, there are mechanisms in place to enable them to monitor you - and safeguards (called warrants) in place.

    One of the reasons these arguments are so tricky is because civil liberties don't seem like a big deal until you visit a particular political website and get a knock at the door or are stopped on your way to the supermarket and told to produce your papers.

    To give a somewhat abstract example, if I had unrestricted access to the phone/email/website records of everybody on this forum, I guarantee I'd have no problem blackmailing a high percentage. I'm not suggesting a high percentage have done anything illegal or even immoral, but that information can be extremely private nonetheless.

    Added to which, this type of surveillance is piss easy to get around for anyone who actually has something to hide.
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