Dine out.


Are you talking about the officers mess? if so then as an OC/BC then maybe it would be respectful to dine him out on his own rather than a joint dine out.


Don't insult the Sgts' Mess Member being dined out by wedging your boss into someone elses night. Say farewell to your BC separately at his own. This doesn't have to be the whole Mess dining him out, you can just have the Bty seniors present, maybe with their Doris' to bump up the numbers. Take a Bty second looey too, he can be Mr Vice.


The Bty can dine him out, his (Orificer) mess can dine him out, but unless he is LE he has no right to be dined out of the Mess. (He can't be dined out of a mess if he has never been a member of that mess)
Should you dine out your BC/OC on his own or can it be at another mess members dine out?

I presume you are talking about the officers' and Seniors' mess which exists in a battery? If so then yes. But agree with other comments that never from the Regimental WOs' and Sgts' Mess.


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