Dine as your pay reduces

Ok, It's been less that a week since the PAYD system went live in MW. I swore to myself I would give it at least a couple of weeks before making any rash judgments but I finally caved today.[marq=down]

Whilst eating my (core) defrosted rubber baguette with cheese I decided to refresh my pallete with a second (not a 102nd) glass of orange 'squash' from the 8 million litre cooler/dispenser. I was pounced upon and forced to cough up 15p.[/marq]

I am not permanently stationed at MW so I have a book of free core meal chits. Now my gripe is that whilst my parent unit is not on PAYD I am still paying for food under the old system which entitles me to as much crap orange as I can force down my throat. Why then, should I be punished. The rant doesn't stop there either. Gravy cant be provided to lubricate dry pies because it's not budgeted for, slices of bread are 15p a round and you cant have a pot of tea on your table unless the table is full.[marq=down]

Now I understand there will be teething problems, and I have made my feelings clear in the appropriate comment books, but I thought the idea of PAYD was that there would be NO, and I say again, NO drop in standard if one was to opt for the core choice.[marq=down]

I pass this one to the floor.................[/marq]

PS. I know this is a very tenuous link to the aviation forum.. but it is about MW after all.
Kaaa said:
Is there any going back from PAYD, or once your unit has it its stuck with it?
Well lets think about this for a minute.

PAYD comes in this means a reduction in MOD costs, a profit for the company running it, well paid jobs for the right people. The probability of LOTS more money in the future is it is proven a success.

Do you think you would be allowed to opt out?
Opt out of PAYD? Unthinkable. Next thing you'll be asking for is a return to Senior Ranks running the Sgt's Mess instead of a self-centered profit seeking corporation!
A source in the Aircrew feeder at Wallop (no prizes for guessing who) told me today that in a meeting with her boss, she was told that even after 4 days, they were losing money. Steven, I dont know how 'they' will prove it a success. Using bullsh*t statistics I suppose. Because I dont think I have spoken to anybody who is raving about it so far. I also heard on the rumour mill (and I stress this is rumour only) that some crows in the cookhouse have been given free core meal tickets already because they cannot even afford to pay for the core meal 8 days into the month.
If PAYD is so bad (and it sounds like it is really really bad) then boycott the restaurant and eat elsewhere. If they are losing money already then how long will it take them to go under if nobody dines in their establishment. Just a thought ! :x I am no longer serving so my thoughts may not be totally up to speed with what is actually happening in the messes.
People are already boycotting it. I'd still rather take my chances with a tuna only bagette (cucumber is 30p extra) than with a pot noodle
Only problem with boycotting is that the same company is also running the only other option at MW, so opt out pay the fekkers twice! Or go to the garage that charges extortionate prices. Hey who wins and who looses.
Has anyone thought about asking the local chippie wagon to call on the camp? There is a new mobile schnell imbiss starting up in Andover, give them a call.
How about the pubs in the area........do they not still serve lunches or suppers. I seem to remember the Plough at Grately or the "Mucky Duck" in Monxton served really good, well priced meals.

If there's a will there's a way.

(edited by me for spelling)
The real fun begins with duty meals, for the guard etc. My understanding is you get 24hours free meals, pay for 24, get 24 free and so on. What a mess. We got a good bar though.
I have heard, albeit unofficially, but from a good source, that crab-air are revisiting the whole PAYD problem as it is losing a fortune. Seems a large proportion only have one meal a day, and that generally seems to be at the beginning of the month. of course the training establishments who force the recruits / naive / stupid / etc to eat 3 meals a day, are breaking even and I heard that Blandford made a packet and gave money to worthy charities
Pay And Die is a gripe for all who use it, Juniors and Seniors alike. Majority of Soldiers still cant eat properly by week two of any given month. Hence one soldier eating sugar from the brew kit......no duff. Another Soldier ate so little from day to day, he couldnt afford to pay for his core meals so went hungry. With his body so used to being fed like a Tadpole he came a cropper during a Sqn Exercise. His body refused fresh rations provided by the Chefs, this took him offline from the Ex to sit in the MRS for a few days! Pay And Die is a serious problem, as mentioned above me on another post who will opt out? it makes money even if it does affect the outright performance of our troops.

Does an Army still march on a full stomach? Only if you've got a fiver in week three of the month... :x

At he station where I am, I am forced to eat at the cookhouse as it comes as part of "the living in" package!

The mess (I'm on an RAF Station) is so poor that I enter that place of salmonela only when I have no other option!

Usually, I buy my own food, which is kept in my own fridge and gets heated/cooked in my own microwave or grill....

I'm losing out and would love PAYD because I would actually save money!
There are obviously local variations in standards and prices. I was at Halton this week and recall that, once you bought your first glass or weird orange or dire green or strange purple drink, refills were free and unlimited (although they would hit for trying to fill a flask...).
Let us not forget that it was the boys and girls in the first place who let the MOD know they wanted PAYD by saying a pretty unamious yes in the survey sent out about 75 years ago.

My understanding of PAYD is that there is to be a mechanism in place that ensures ALL soldiers can still be fed wether thay have money or not. This would obviously be reclaimed from their pay packets the following month. This was one of the overiding factors in any contract requirement, so soldiers are either not being briefed properly or your contractor has not met the SOR.

The DMR system may not be the fairest but there is much to be said about it, where else could you get fed 3 meals 5 (we all do one for the weekends) days a week for £1.83.

That said PAYD is not neccessarily an evil thing and it does take a lot of work from all sides to get right.

Just popped in to see what your aviation bit was like and your all talking about food.............excellent.
What about breakfast? Is that still counted as a parade paid by the Queen etc etc. Or was all that just urban legend??
My understanding of PAYD is that there is to be a mechanism in place that ensures ALL soldiers can still be fed wether thay have money or not. This would obviously be reclaimed from their pay packets the following month. This was one of the overiding factors in any contract requirement, so soldiers are either not being briefed properly or your contractor has not met the SOR.

Yes there is a mechanism but it can only be used occasionally. The CSM writes a memo to the pay office asking for an advancement of pay worked out at the number of days left in the month x DMR.

However they tend to get pi**ed off if that happens for 3 months on the trot for the same soldiers, these same soldiers that have no money before the month reaches double figures.

Little Johnny, your bloke sounds like a complete tw*t, bet he's well turned out though on the days he's at work!
Surely the answer is to go down to your local Tesco and buy loads of the tasty stuff from there and cook it yourself in the block

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