DIN or Educational Decree?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hellfyyr, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Any fans of Harry Potter may be familiar with the 'Educational Decree' - Those politically correct diktats issued by the embattled headmistress who is clearly not in control.

    Whilst reading a DIN about pensions which seemed to cover all the concerns aired on a certain 'Rumour Service' based website over the case of a servicemen with multiple injuries versus the compensation given to an RAF typist; it struck me that the DIN is not unlike an 'Educational Decree'.

    I am wearing a full suit of tin-foil and have placed my watch, shoes, pen and buttons into a foil-lined crisps pack so I think I am safe in commenting vaguely about the spirit of a DIN, not its specific content.

    Does anyone else worry about the way these things are (sic) spun?
  2. I'd like to strike you. With a bat.
  3. As you are no longer serving you may not read a DIN and have no idea about the document to which I refer. The nearest you can get to 'strike' is industrial action these days...

    No prejudice against ex-military or civilians but some posts will be beyond your understanding unless you are in right now :wink:
  4. Not seen that one yet, can't wait.
  5. From an ex-labour point of view it seems pretty obvious to me what the DIN is about. The New Guardian Reader's party are anti-armed forces whereas most of their traditional voters are pro-forces. They've managed to keep most of the stuff that's been happening over the last few years out of the news and they've got desperate now it has become too much to keep quiet.
  6. The latest one might almost be a direct response to our arrse points...

    This is my point about DINs; will we have to endure one every time something happens now? That and letters from CGS/CDS responding to every scandal is getting pretty wearing.