DIN Info for Sigs Course

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BankGunner, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. First time poster, long time reader.

    This STAB needs DIN for the CIS School
    For basic Signals courses.

    Looking to do a two week+ course over August.
    I need to give the details to my PSI & say I want that one.

    Any help given is appreciated.

  2. Try the DCCIS web site on the RLI network (it may be called TANET in your unit). It has the full course list

    Are you after a basic BOWMAN course, the school doesn't run any TA basic comms courses
  3. Thanks for the hint, however I do not have access to TANET.

    While I am not sigs 1/2 qualified & need this done, I am happy to do a Regs course as I have the time off in August before leaving the country again.

    Any way of checking the details over the Web?
  4. Not without access to the RLI. The Royal School of Signals website lists all of the courses, but they haven't updated the list since last year!

    Easiest way for you would be to get the telephone number for the course administration office and call them (either from the operator, through your PSI, or via someone on here).

    Does your PSI/TAC not have the DIN with all the courses in?
  5. Thanks Gents,
    I think I can be sorted now.

    DS: Our PSI (good bloke) has last years DIN catalogue but apparently this year it is not published. Possibly the same reason why the Sigs site has not been updated. :?:

    Anyways, thanks again.
  6. This year's DIN 06/07 has been published and is available on the RLI (but not ArmyNet because it is Restricted).

    I suspect the RSS site has not been updated due to a lack of interest in maintaining the site - after all it's only the home of communications...supposedly!
  7. ds, all was fine on the RSS site, could even view if you'd been booked on your course ... but since it went tri-service and supposedly moved onto the DCCIS site .... it ain't worked
  8. Sounds like the TA FofS course
  9. or YofS, upgrader, etc. Strangely they are all 2 week courses :wink:
  10. LOL