Hi all im just after a bit of advice so here goes, ive applied for the army and i wanted to go into household cavalry but now im not so sure as i done my BARB the other day and got a higher score than expected, i got 81 which is a bit higher than the 47 i got when i left school 9yrs ago and ive got a list of 67 jobs to go for.
So what i need advice on is, shall i stick to what i wanted to go in for in the 1st place or go for a better role or trade and come out the army with some qualifications which if im honest bores me but i dont wanna regret my decision and thinkin ive wasted a top opportunity. im stuck between thinkin of the future and thinkin of just livin my life now if you know what i mean?!!

Anybody else had this tough decision?
cheers for any advice
What made you decide on the Household Cav? If there is a role that grabs your interest and you can see that you will enjoy it then go for it. Try not to get hung up on the "what ifs".

Just dont come back to us asking about parachuting tanks ok!
From the details in your post you are at least 25 and are probably more mature than when you originally applied. Whilst the Army has changed the old 22 year career model to a 24 year model, you will still need to have a second career when you leave the Army. (Even if you end up as a Late Entry Officer you only have a career to 55). So yes you are right to consider your options with an eye to future employment whenever you leave the Army, be that after 4 years or 24 years service.

Whilst it is possible to re trade once you’re in, you are better off making the correct choice in the first place. This is the rub, in that you are not in a good position to assess the jobs that you have been offered. The best that you can do is research the jobs that you have been offered. Although future job prospects are a factor, it is more important to pick a job that you think that you will enjoy doing for a full career.

Don’t worry too much if you pick a job that does not have a direct read across to a civilian post. If you do long enough you will get a full resettlement package that provides an opportunity to train for a second career. Even if you do go for a job that has a parallel civilian job, you may find that after 24 years that you want to do something different.
That's what happend with me, I set my mind on Royal Artillery and then did my barb which come back with like 60-odd jobs. In the end I stuck to my guns (so to speak hoho) and went with my initial choice. It's true, don't get hung up on the 'what ifs'
Just my opinion, I do not see the point in thinking about getting a trade for when u leave the army....before your even in....especially if you think you would do a full career. Pick the job you think you would enjoy most. do you really want to do a job you wont enjoy for 22 years just so you can get a job when you leave?
carlbcfc said:
Does the BARB test results overide your GCSE results if you get a high score?
The requirements for any trade aren't set in stone, so in theory your BARB results can enable you to punch above your weight a little.

They ignored my dodgy engrish when I joined because I did well on the BARB.
speak to the careers centre and ask them to send you on a few look at life jobbies or see if they can jack some things up for you as you really won't learn much from glossy pamphlets and smily pictures.

also we can't help too much as each person is gonna lean towards their own arm or if they hate it they will slag it off!

however i scored over 80 and chose surveyor which is seen as the top tier trade in the engineer's yet would i do it when i get out?? would i bollox! however has it given me a nice big step into my full career path of clerk of works? Yes it has! if i got out next year on my 8 yr point i'd rather be a binman so don't get hung up on trades merely where that trade can take you and what jollies/gucci postings you can get from each one!!
soz for the late reply and many thanks for the advice upto now.
I got top of the range marks on my english and maths on fri and my careers officer pretty much talked me out of joining household and tried getting me into the infantry which is what hes in, so i dont think hes much use.

Anyway i picked household as i love working with animals in a non-sexual way haha, and i liked the idea of doin the horse stuff and also goin out seein a bit of action too, but my joint top job was a Dog Handler but my careers officer advsed me not to as the next selection for Dog Handlers is in april nxt yr! can anyone confirm this? as im not sure wether to believe him.

Maybe i should ask this somewhere else. Thanks again
Go for what you want. If it doesn't work then you can always lower your sights a bit and become a Para ;) :D

Jokes aside, if you want to be a ferret handler in the Household Cav or whatever, then make it clear that that is what you want to do. The recruiting officer's job is to help you get to where you want to be, not to put you somewhere. Listen to his advice, and be confident without being arrogant.

Did anyone suggest you wanted to work with animals in a sexual way, or is that your guilty conscience talking? ;)
I'm kind of in the same position, I got 79 on the BARB test and chose a technician trade on the advice of my recruiter, which is good advice because you'll be set for the future. But you have to weigh up what's more important to you. Money or job satisfaction. To be honest, I didn't know the Army help you out with Resettlement courses when you leave as my recruiter didn't tell me this. So you can always do one of those with some help with the funding from the Army. I've passed selection and I'm down as going in as a technician, which I chose partly for the qualifications. However, I really want to go in as an Armourer. So I'm going to speak to my recruiter about this. I think it's worth looking into the Resettlement program, it's an option that can free you up to go for whatever job you want safe in the knowledge that you can go on to have a good career when you return to civilian life. I hope that's been a help to you.

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