Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by chevere, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. hello all

    i know this may soud weird but i´m deadly serious... i currently have a relationship with a squaddie and i have a kind of problem. i very much enjoy bum action but i´m afraid he´ll never take me seriously as a girlfriend if i overuse it.

    i don´t know what to think about this... could you help me?
  2. Hold your horses. His arrse or yours?
  3. WAHH!
  4. hey dont laugh at me!!! i was just asking because i like him and i dont want to lose him because he thinks i´m a slut, it isn´t a wah.
  5. Post a picture of your tea towel holder and we shall judge weather or not your botty is wrecked.
  6. It's difficult to tell whether he'll dump you because you like some backdoor action - you'll just have to suck it and see.
  7. Arrse to mouth, what a good idea. A sure fire way to keep him interested.

    PS Can you fit a cooking onion up your clack too?
  8. An onion? The time to worry is when you can fit a small bedsit up there.
  9. Look, you're a woman so ergo:

    woman = slut

    Stop your whining and just tell him you want your back doors kicked in using builders sand as a lubricant. Stop worrying that he'll bin you because you're a lover of ****, he'll more likely bin you because you're a fat munter.
  10. Save the bum action for when he really makes an effort, e.g. after he has taken you out to a good restaurant. Thus if he wants bum sex then he will learn that he must make the effort and you can keep it for those times so its still fun for you and you don’t end up with an A-hole like a clowns pocket. If that makes sense.
  11. Sounds like you talk from experience, bennett. Many blokes wine and dine you then?
  12. Shut the hell up man! I might bump into this bint one day, then I'd have to pay for dinner just to do her up the wrong 'un. And it would be all your fault!
  13. To feckin right Flash :twisted: Nah filthy Ex (A lass from gods own country no less the breed them sharp up here) that knew how to reward me for being a good boy :twisted: :twisted:

    Edited for Flash because his eyesight is failing

  14. I dont think you read my reply very well did you bennett?
  15. oh cheers