Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BearFrills, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. A blind man and his guide dog passed me today.

    When they were a couple of yards away, the dog started to shit while still guiding his master.

    Small lumps were dropping out of its arse, then the guy was walking into the shit.

    The blind fella encouraged the dog to move on.

    The dilemma I had was should I report him to the authorities for not cleaning up as his dog fowled the pavement.

    Anyone else had a dilemma?
  2. Yes which implement I'd cave your scull in with. I'm favouring a cold set.
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  3. No - I'm too busy having a life.
  4. There are no such things as dirty animals, but dirty humans exist in their droves. The blind bastards condition is no excuse. He must know when his dog is dropping one.
  5. Please follow the suicidal child's lead:

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  6. The smell will tell him when he gets home.
  7. So, you felt like a jack bastard and didn't say anything?......that is sooo the problem these days !!
  8. Well didn't like to disturb his shit. Seemed to be a bit constipated,
  9. Yep trying to get the guts up to tell the wife dinner was shit.
  10. I would quit whilst you are ahead.
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  11. On me....
  12. Fowled?
    I've never seen a dog shit chickens.
  13. You should have picked yourself up then.
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  14. I had a dilemma once. Traded it in for a Hyundai.
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  15. You should've poked your finger up Rovers corn hole and prised the offending nugget out.

    But you didn't, did you? Jack cunt.