Not posted on here for a long time, basically I didnt pass my first attempt at AOSB mainly because I think I went for it too soon after passing briefing (CAT 1) and didnt take my time preparing, looking back I know I didnt give a proper account of myself.

I now have a great job where I use my engineering degree and i'm learing alot, so here is my dilemma, I still want to go to RMAS and serve in the army full time but I dont want to leave my job now and regret leaving if it turns out RMAS or the army isnt for me.

Has anyone else been in this situation? If so what did you do about it was it the right decision togo for RMAS?
Go ahead and have another crack at AOSB. If you pass, you can go to sandhurst within 5 years of passing, plenty of time to make your mind up.

Thinking of joining the Royal Engineers?
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