Dilemma regarding UOTC and URNU


I have a slight problem regarding both the Sheffield UOTC and the Yorkshire URNU. I am currently in the process of applying to join Sheffield UOTC, with the selection weekend coming up at the end of this week.

Alongside the UOTC I also applied for Yorkshire URNU, with the interview tomorrow. However it is at the same location as the UOTC, therefore I am worried that as if I show up for a URNU interview the UOTC will think I'm not fully committed to the OTC (as they will see me walk in as they keep it open for people to fill in paperwork).

Need some advice as soon as possible!

Well which one would you rather do? It may seem wise in a way I guess to apply for both just in case you don't get into one, but it might jepordise your place in the other? I am not sure, they might not be bothered if they see you there, but it is so competative these days! Both offer different opportunities too, personally I would have a think about what you would rather do. Or wear a cunning disguise.
Doubt they'd really mind - what may be an issue is if you can actually be a member of both at the same time (if that is your intention, and you aren't simply hedging your bets).
I would much rather join the UOTC, hence i'm thinking that it might be worth cancelling the URNU interview just incase it does jeopardize my OTC application in any way possible.
Don't forget that you're also choosing between them, as much as them getting a chance to look at you.

March into both as bold as brass. If challenged, explain why.
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