Dilemma in joining the TA with possible new job

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by otomous, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Wonder if anyone has faced this one or can make any suggestions please. I am expecting an interview for a new job fairly soon, but my medical/selection for the TA is also imminent. If I get into the TA, then manage to get the new job and my new employer isn't keen (especially as in the first year training is intense and no leave is taken), I accept that I will have to leave the TA.

    My dilemma is that the regiment is about to be mobilised. Now I know that you can't leave when mobilised. But does this refer to the regiment or the individual, ie, if my regiment is mobilised but I am not going on the tour, am I still able to leave?

    With any luck none of this will be an issue, but I'm in limbo at the moment and it would help to out my mind at rest.

    Cheers for any info.
  2. My understanding is that you cannot be mobilised until you have completed your training. You also have to actively volunteer for a tour - I doubt that your unit is being genuinely mobilised in a "compulsorary" manner.

    You can leave at any time, just hand your kit in. There are wiser heads than me who post on here about these things but the way my unit operated was as I have described concerning tours.


  3. You can't be mobilised until you've completed your basic training - but anyway it sounds as if it would make more sense to put your application to join the TA on hold until you know whether you have got this new job.
  4. TA Regts and Bns don't get mobilised (yet) individuals are trawled fro volunteers, even if you wanted to go you couldn't till you have passed Phase one and phase two training, that could be over a year away.

    As long as you don't have to work every weekend you will be fine and even if you do a lot of weekends your training can still be accommodated, it will just take longer. The only issue you might have is CMSR/CIC at the end of training, if you can't get the time off due to work they can still bid you on the next or next or etc etc, however you might have to do the odd catch up weekend if the gap is too big from w/e 6/9 and CMSR/CIC