Dilemma between Job Choices (Require Information)

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Hi, I'm 15 and 7 months and I have started the application process very early as it is a career I wish to bloom and prosper in the future.

I was all up for joining infantry. However the fact that life after the army would not be very open to career opportunities. Thus, the reason on why I hope to pursue a career within a trade regiment.

I have started this thread in hope that I could gain some first hand information about 3 Job Choices as the british army site does not give very specific details.
The 3 Job Choices I require information for are; Logistic Support Chef, logistic IT Systems Operator and Combat Medical Technician,
If Possible I would like to know Pro's and Con's of the Job Choices and what actually happens during operational tours within the jobs?
Many Thanks,
Callum Young

Young man this forum is littered with the gravestones of threads such as these. But fear not if you have a dig through the Signals Forum, the RLC Forum, The professionally qualified RAMC forum and not forgetting the Infantry forum you will find plenty of information on these options. Then when your ready get down the AFCO and chat about what you have learned. Good luck - Disco
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