Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Rarden_reaper, May 29, 2008.

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  1. A guy I know has just gone on tour to Afghanistan, he's a 2nd lt in the dropshorts. His missus has joined the gym where I work
    recently she's been making it clear that she's interested in me and fancies a bit on the side....

    I would never dream of shagging a blokes missus especialy whilst he's risking life and limb in that shitehole.

    Should I tell him that his missus is a bit of a cheatin whoer or just leave it?

    Answers on a post card please.... :wink:
  2. I'd certainly leave it until he is back!

    If you're gonna tell him you need to be 100% sure that she wants to put it about.

  3. What do you think he would do in your position? :wink:

    Alternatively, you could just leave it. (after you have sh@gged her!) :D
  4. Is she fit? ;)
  5. If he reads this thread....will he work out who it's about?
  6. Erm yeah she's made it clear on no uncirtain terms that she would like to be impaled by the reaper

    But I wouldn't do it on principle that it's cnuntish........

    And I don't really like the bloke to be honest
  7. Why don't you do her just to find out if she really was willing, then afterwards tattoo 'Reaper was here' on her buttocks while she's sleeping.

    That way, you'll know for certain, and so will he when he comes home.

    Job done.
  8. To save your concience, PM me her number, I'll smash her for you :)
  9. Post a picture of her so we can decide............ :wink:
  10. Years ago my friend's boyfriend became interested in me. I told my friend about it. She had a row with her boyfriend, cried a lot, made up with the boyfriend, called me a "bi*ch" and never spoke to me again. I learned my lesson.

    Couple of years later my other friend's boyfriend became preoccupied with me. I didn't tell my friend. She found out, had a row with her boyfriend, cried a lot, made up with the boyfriend, called me a "bi*ch" and never spoke to me again.

    I learned my lesson: steer clear of your friend's "halves"! :)
  11. I'd have called you a "selfish b*tch" for not sharing! 3somes are the future! :)
  12. true, you dont want to throw around allegations that may not be true, or it may just be a bit of harmless flirting. She may be lonely and just looking for reassurance and kindness and is communicating that as flirtatious behaviour. Perhaps being seperated from her partner has dented her confidence and she is finding hard to verbalise these feelings to someone she respects and wants to confide in.

    The only way to find out is to catch her in the changing rooms, pounce on her and violate her in the worst ways imaginable. If she struggles you know that it was just a bit of harmless flirting on her part. If she doesn't struggle, she's a cheating blart, so knock her about a bit and then stuff her in a locker and beat the locker with a cricket bat.

    Moral of the story? - Any which way you look at it, you're going to jail.
  13. 1. Soundly and roundly abuse her: every hole, crack, orifice and crease.

    2. Blackmail her.

    If I can be of any further help................ :D
  14. WOW!
    Were you in touch with your feminine side when you wrote that, or did you take it from some "couples counseling" manual?
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Do her choccy starfish thats not being unfaithful is it? Also if she swallows she means it!