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Hey Guys, just a quick introduction first and foremost...wel my name is James 21 from Belfast norn Iron. Got my introduction for the army on Thursday however I know quite alot already, really just going for applications forms and a couple of questions. Ny way I will get to the point...

I have always wanted to join the army ever since I was at school however I have parents who are totally against the idea, mainly my mum. I think it is mostly to do with the fact that her Brother joined when he was `16 and she said it totally changed him and I know the army changes you but i think its for the better? I said I was goin to join and my mum was in tears trying to stop me so I felt bad for her,gave up my dream and never spoke about it again.

Recently I have be thinking about it and Im sick to death of working the same dead end job and for what for a good pay packet at the end of the month **** that!!! ive made up my mind Im joining and I dont know how to tell her?? she knows Im training again like crazy but she thinks its just me being heathly hehe...should I go through with the application and do what i want to do and tell her once i have been accepted or tell her now risking getting through out and a kickin from my dad??? im in a tough place right now but i feel happy becasue its what i want to do??

Please any advice
It's your life - live it.

If the only reason you want to join is the wage packet at the end of the month, then i would suggest you stick to the dead end jobs.
Gren said:
If the only reason you want to join is the wage packet at the end of the month, then i would suggest you stick to the dead end jobs.
If you had have read it right you would have understood i said something like "why im i sticking these dead end jobs-for a good wage packet?"

I know you cant be rich in the army and it aint the money im joining for believe me...
you may asell get it over and done with, tell them now or maby not, tell them once youve got accepted actually, if you fail selection for whatever reason then theres no point losing your parents aswell adn comeing out with nothing :wink:
Better to try and fail, than grow old and wonder what may have been.
You have to break with your parents at some point. Explain to them that this is what you really want to do but stick to your guns when mum breaks down into tears. (pun intended).

If you don't do it you will regret it for the rest of your life.
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