Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ally133, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. orite lads, ok hears the deal, i can either accept my 3rd job choice as a electronic systems opperator and start basic in april time, or i can go back to rsc and re-sit my maths test, and get another 6 points so i have 37 and become a systems engineer tech and start in 02 january 2007!? what do you guys think i should do?
  2. If you think that you CAN score higher in your maths test, go Tech. Use the extra time as a civvy to become seriously fit.

    Just a hint! :wink:
  3. Do Systems Engineer - Tech use keyboards?
  4. Yes, some more slowly than others!
  5. What other trade was in your top three? I agree with biscuits advice about trade selection but don't see how starting in Jan instead of Apr is going to give you any extra time as a civ.

    As a matter of interest what was your Literacy score? It doesn't look like it's tested.
  6. Nah - that's the corps band piano section, mate.
  7. Are you available evenings, you know weddings, barmitzvah's, that kind of thing? With a talent like that, you should go far!
  8. Whilst it may be good idea to re-sit your maths test, I would advise that you spend a little time on spelling as well. Neither 'opperator' or 'dilema' reflect the attention to detail that would be required of a Systems Engineer Technician.
  9. However "oright" somehow makes it passed your spell check? !!!
  10. :oops: Damn! I knew I should have read the whole thing, but it hurt my eyes!
  11. Or past even...
  12. Armyyid, do you have nothing better to do with your time than to check other peoples spelling mistakes? you know i bet i have a higher standard of education than you, but people like myself tend to save time by writing in a shortend mannor, like ppl / people etc. all i wanted was an answer, but you can't do that can't you. i just left 6th form after getting 3 a levels, grades A, C, C, and i don't need you to tell me how to spell ok! pathetic
  13. Oh sweet baby jeezuz and the orphans stop it FFS.

    He writes PPL and you complain by using etc..... :lol:

    A, C, C, Well fook me, give this man a blow job! :roll:
  14. Were Maths and English two of your subjects? :(
  15. Wellllllll !!! My turn now.

    Let me guess ... was one of those A Levels English? No? ... didn't think so.