Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tattybadger, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. Does anybody know how much, roughly, DII is costing the MoD? I asked the question when I was being 'trained' and it was neatly side stepped.

    How much will it save the taxpayer in the long run?
  2. That would be interesting to know. :wink:

    The training is excellent - only if you are still back using typewriters or think that Spectrum computers are the future......(betcha some biddy in MoD must be) other than that - a whole day wasted when the necessary info could have been given in a hour (if that) or in a pamphlet. :?
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This would be an ideal question to asl under the new Freedom of Information Act. Be careful how you ask it, though. I advise asking a short series of linked, precise questions, and e-mailing them to the link shown on the MoD website. I know who will have to answer them, and you WILL get a sensible answer :D

    Edited - oh yes, under FOIA you don'e even have to give a name, just a contact. So for example Blondebint or MightyDoNut would be perfectly acceptable names (although maybe not so acceptable as people) and a response would stil have to be made within the statutory 20 working days.
  4. Trouble is it will give some poor benighted SO2 or SO3 hours of extra work which he/she could well do without.

    I am in the same boat and I would be mighty pissed off to get a request like that!!!

    Wonder if anybody out there can give anidea without me having to mither some poor Offr and double his workload?
  5. Afaik DII hasn't been awarded yet. At least 2 consortia are still trying to work out what to bid, one gave up trying and a 4th was rejected early on.

    The MoD doesn't know how many computers it has, what software they run, or even where they all are. Just that they want someone else to be responsible for the lot, change them all to be one modern compatible network and ensure its reliable. Preferably for 50 pence or less.

    I think the figure of £4 BILLION has been mentioned. Enough to have companies salivating at the possibly profits, and horrified at the complexity. That initial cost is more than MoD wants to spend on the Navy's two new Aircraft Carriers, but it gets less publicity since DII is an invisible support system and doesn't involve lots of jobs in Grasping Gordon's home constituency.

    Given the government's track record of complex computer systems it will no doubt cost 10 times as much and arrive closer to the 22nd Century than the 20th. So once all the people in comfy chairs at MoD HOME have new PCs expect the cash to dry up for everybody else.
  6. Some places already have DII so how can it not be placed yet?
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Just pray that EDS, Fujitsu, or Capita don't get involved. I could buy a network for what F****** charge my brother's lot for one computer/mouse/moniter/keyboard.

    Apparently, it's all to do with networks costs.
  8. I already have DII sitting on my desk and am looking forward to turning it on for the first time tomorrow.

    Fujitsu are involved - at least I assume thay are as I was given freebie with Fujitsu all over it and the girl who gave us the presentation works for them.

    Oddly enough, I was issued with my very sexy new IT kit the day the Govt chose to announce the loss of 4 Inf Bns. I wonder whether the tax payer would get more benefit from retaining the Bns and not issuing staff offices more IT kit, to marginally improve their output of (generally) nefarious claptrap?

    Ques: will DII help us kill the queen's enemies or improve the efficiency of the MoD by a significant measure? I was also told in the brief that it would save money in the long term - my suspended disbelief came crashing down at that stage! :twisted:
  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer


  10. I have had DII for about 6 months now!!!! If anyone at the MOD wants too know what Ive got and where it is, tough. You should have signed it out on a 1033. Now fcuk off its mine.
  11. Good point Empire - I haven't signed for mine and the kids need a new computer!
  13. Only ones with the estimate and plans for the invasion of Saudi or the movements of Idi Amin on his next visit here. They were all misplaced in a pub near Clapham by RAF offrs - apparently.
  14. Apologies if my info is incorrect. But I did think the most expensive (Future) part of DII hadn't started yet. MoD's own pages state

    and they are hardly ever early.