Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mongoose, May 27, 2007.

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  1. So, DII, who's actually got any yet? And I don't mean the contingency ones given to admin staff with the funky version of UNICOM on... I mean the actual self service ones.
  2. Do you mean JPA?
  3. No not as such. DII (F?) are the self service terminals used to access JPA, it's possible to have JPA at a unit without the self service terminals (for instance we've got 4 DII godknowswhat PC's running JPA but they aren't for self service)

    Its the things ATLAS are busy tearing up barracks for.
  4. Queensferry TA centre is fully live with it's full allocation of kit and has been for nearly 12 months. From what I understand it was the one of the first to go live.
  5. Not aware of any unit getting their DII/ATLAS fit yet. I'm still hearing of DII bandwidth problems with regular units.

    Like you say JPA works on any machine thats connected to RLI (Restricted LAN Interconnect).

    I'm also not aware of any soldier being given a DII/JPA User name or password (I presume their the same)
  6. We've got ATLAS in at the moment putting in various cabinets and cables as well as about a million other contractors, must be costing a fair bit. Supposed to be fully kitted out by July...I say supposed

    12 months baldrick?! Jesus.. we're about 14 months late apparently.
  7. There are around 20 TAC's that are now fully kitted out, thats only 150 shy of the number Atlas were meant to have completed by now so you being 14 months late is not surprising. Since Atlas were awarded increment 2 they have concentrated all their manpower at the two main large sites that are to be f***'d obviously a TAC with 5-10 UAD's won't pay the same amount as one that is getting 3500 - 7000 installed. Queensferry was fitted out on time purely because the DII estate manager happens to be good at his job, it was a pretty simple install (trunking and cabinet already installed) but more to the point there is no staff working at the location just the care taker. This meant no mind changing over were the UAD's would be installed or arguments over when the guys could work moaning about noise etc. Polar is right over the bandwidth though, the whole system is appallingly slow and for some applications an RLI dialup is actually quicker!
  8. DII/F is the name of the project. Basically it is just a new computer network which is on the RLI (Restricted Lan Interconnect).

    JPA is just an Icon on the computer desktop.

    You will need a DII/F logon AND a JPA logon.

    Once you have these you can log onto any DII/F User Access Device (UAD) worldwide (eventually) then logon to JPA and do your personal admin (book leave/expences etc)

    JPA go live date is 31 Jul 07 but - but - but there will not be enough DII/F PCs deployed in time so a contingency is being put in place on legacy systems (DII/C, LDCN, DMSDOM etc) to allow access to JPA for each soldier. The same JPA logon will do on these systems but a legacy logon will be needed to access these old systems.

    So the theory is that JPA will be available on an 'approach and use' UAD(or Ekiosk) in each base for each soldier to access JPA. Remains to be seen though.
  9. No thats been sorted now, the dialup has been dropped and a much slower 3G system is being used instead.
  10. Would this be the same 3G that takes 40 mins - 4 hours to sync a 2Mb profile and mailbox :D

    Love (F) to bits talk about tail wagging the dog!
  11. Ah yes. We'll be dealing with FD@work soon. Interesting how ICS is shifting over to civilian firms (and TA) at the expense of (regular) RSigs
  12. LONDONS have had full DII fit for about six months (minus 1 Coy which is being fitted out now), it works much better than previous Army IT and is deployed on more desks - I'm definitely a fan.
  13. Easy to please then?
  14. The Gunners at Crow Road in Glasgow have it. Personally, I think its about as much use as tits on a fish.
  15. Im not happy...Pornotube.com doesnt work on it... :twisted: