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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Last night I received my DII login and was then told by my PSI that I now have to complete a 3hr e-learning package on DII over the next few months.

    After talking with a mate in the regs, apparently this “3hr e-learning package” consists of bone topics like this is a mouse, this is how you open a folder, and this is how you use outlook…. :frustrated:
    My mate also seems to think that anyone with basic qualifications in IT is exempt from this time wasting exercise.

    So a question to the TA chaps in the know…

    Is there anything more in-depth to DII training than how to use a computer and if not, as a network administrator with a degree in IT, is there anything I can do to get out of this time waster?
  2. If you can use a home pc then DII is easy to follow.
    Its quick and is easy to use, email is good but finding other users addresses is a pain.
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    The 3 hour e-learning package you PSI is on about might be the JPA Package, which should take about 3 hours to do. Or 5 mins if you can click the mouse fast enough.
  4. Why?
    Has the Outlook address book been disabled?
  5. Or you could try crying, shouting and stamping your feet. I find loud tantrums are the quickest way to get out of things you don't want to do. Either that or a well timed blowjob. Hope this helps.
  6. Fcuk off cocknocker, if the regs can get out of this with previous qualifications in the subject then why shouldn’t I?

    I’m sure there are better things I can be doing on a Tuesday night than playing clicky clicky with my thumb up my arrse.
  7. Their is a 'noddy' 30 sec assesment package, had fun trying to break it. I guess the 3 hour package if for those that don't know how to use a computer (I bet it comes on CD and you need to be able to get it working)
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    If memory serves, it is because a lot of the addresses are by role, as opposed to individual names.

    However, if you can use XP, you can use DII.

  9. Thank you, that’s what I was hoping for :thumright:

  10. miss training that week and look forward to double portions next week :numberone:
  11. With most of the 3 hours being a case of "Being taught how to suck eggs" :shock:


    Purpose of DII Training: The aim of the Release 1 training is:

    To introduce users to the DII(F) system

    Make them aware of what DII(F) is

    Familiarise them with the new environment

    Enable them to use the basic functions

    Provide them with the tools and guidance to help them work effectively Target Audience: Users of the system fall into broadly 4 categories:

    1. The Occasional Users, who use the DII(F) system for personal use only, and do not require it as part of their role. They are likely to access emails and use the Joint Personnel Administration system (JPA) to view and amend personal information such as Next of Kin, pay and leave information.

    2. The Standard Users who use some part of the DII(F) everyday to support their routine work.

    3. The Standard Plus Users who use some part of the DII(F) system as an integral part of their routine work. They will also have access to more advanced features such as audio visual services.

    4. The Information Managers who will use all aspects of the DII(F) system as well as having management responsibilities in terms of setting up and managing information for others to exploit.

    As a basic entry level to the course, all users will have either completed a Basic IT skills (BITS) training application or will be exempt from the BITS.

    Course Content: Module

    Module 1 - What is DII?
    Module 2 - Using your computer safely
    Module 3 - Access and Security
    Module 5 - Help/SPOC
    Module 6 - Managing Documents and Programs
  12. Apologies, didn't mean to upset you. Actually I'm in the same boat. Sat through 2 hours of intro to hear what could have been said in 5 minutes. There was however one chap in the audience who didn't know how to use a mouse, which for a signals unit was pretty worrying.
  13. If you open a topic, logout and come back in you can access next topic without completing the one already opened. :thumright:
  14. I tried to get out of that with the "I use DII every day".

    Fortunatly for us they put a DII intro package on on a drill night and if you weren't there you didn't have to do it.

    Done my JPA training though. Why do I need to know how to apply for leave and sign off?

    All a load of poo.

  15. Thank Christ for Edexcel and OCR...