DII sucks


How many times have you tried to use DII at work or Ops and you cant veiw a soddin thing. Do gooders blocking all the good sites!! I have followed a few posts today and whenever the person says have a look at this as it is really smutty I CANT! :x :twisted: :evil:
How can you by pass this stupid security lock down so i can see these sites, oh and MSN Messenger which DII says is full of sex and violence?
MSN Messenger, hotmail, yahoo mail, google mail et al are all blocked because they allow you to send and recieve data without it first going through the MOD's firewall. If you believe that a particular site should not be blocked, then contact DII directly.
You cant bypass it, and if there was a way to do it and someone posted on here, ARRSE would instantly be DII'ed. So buy yerself a w@nkmag for work instead and tell your durty bee-atches on msn to wait till after work. :wink:
You can bypass it in the end, but the workload to do so and the very high footprint you leave behind making capture inevitable leading to the gift of loss of access to system, discipline saga and probable SC clearance, really doesnt make porn sites sound so good.
If you think DII is bad now.....

just wait till you get DII (F) another system paid for as an "upgrade" by the MOD only to provide us with an even slower system
My favorite is a laptop with a 40 + gig hard drive, running windows, office, some network protocols and X -Krypter, but with only 100 FCUKING meg of storage space for my actual FCUKING work.

What is the rest doing you might ask ?

Its fcuking well partitioned, unformatted and locked out empty.

Military IT is utter utter turd, and this cash cow has delivered money to thieves for a worse system than I had before (and that was a feat in itself!)

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