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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Firstly on camp it looks likely we can claim for incidentals for our days in Edinburugh. Do regular camps have DII rooms like TA Centres? We have a number of soldiers who will need the extra cash in this PAYD camp. I'd like to arrange sessions where the SNCO's take soldiers through JPA.

    Secondly, how easy is it to get roles added to your DII account? I could do with a civvy role/email added to mine (we are getting DII at normal work). I've seen stabtiffy2b comments on another thread and I guess its too complicated
  2. Polar

    You should know better! Raise an RFC wait six months and then you'll get a quote for the change! :lol:

    Just out of interest the TA are really confusing the hell out of atlas. The contract says you can't have two accounts......... but of course they've forgotten about the TA guys who also work for the Military as civi's so if you want a laugh, check the addresses for someone you know........... I've seen guys with 5 entries in the GAL thanks to the TA :D
  3. been sorted, although I'd find it amusing to post a question only to find someone with the right rank post an answer (me again)

  4. I've got four addresses. Only ever used two (role/personal), the other two still had EGS as well, luckily I noticed that otherwise a massive waste of cash...funny that, recurring theme with ATLAS