Dii project

Looking for some info on this have the chance to go on this contract running cat5/6 and just looking for info on it re-time lines etc trying to work out if it will be better than the current contract I have started :? feel free to PM me
Bretta, the project is huge and will go on for eons. It'll certainly keep you in 2 stroke oil and malossi kits for a few years to come. I worked with the contractor for a while, pm me any specific q's and i'll answer if i can.
I am heavily involved in this project from a MoD side, it will go on for years. They are signing up for a 10 year contract but are reusing most of the MoD infrastructure. There is some installation work to do but once it is done that is it. They may need people for minor changes over the years but they will be few and far between.

Hope this helps

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