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OK, I know I should be working, but ARRSE is having a problem with my DII. I can't write a full post because it just cuts off after a couple of lines. Also I have no formatting buttons (bold etc) and basically replying to a post is hard going.What's the betting this post is buggered up?


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See - I put a paragraph break in before the last sentance in the above post.
Find the nearest Estate Manager and ram the DII machine up his/her hoop.
Go to top left of screen – click on menu item “Settings”

On left of settings screen scroll down to “My Settings/My Account/General Settings”

Scroll to bottom. Under Miscellaneous options select the radio button for “Standard Editor”

Hit “Save Changes”

Works for me…


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Get used to it - you'll find I raised this problem some time ago, and mitigated it by:

a. getting used to it...
b. clicking on 'settings', general settings, and near the bottom setting your Message Interface Editor to 'basic' mode.
c. clicking twice to do things - this sometimes works.

It's a problem caused by DII using a version of Internet Explorer that even Edwardians, Neanderthals, and Frenchmen have long since discarded. There's nothing else can be done.

Para breaks will at least reappear once you go to basic mode. Other effects can be added if you insert the code, rather than clicking on a symbol, like adding the "italics" boxes before and after each bit you want italicised, etc.
On the plus side, I gather DII is getting IE8 next year ....... only 12 months after the rest of the world went to IE 9!

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