DII pen stick

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Pull_up_a_sandbag, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone ever used a civy pen stick on DII, if so, what model was it?

    Apparently, it is IMPOSSIBLE according to my boss!
  2. No, not impossible and most modern ones will work but as far as I am aware they are not permitted to used at the moment.
  3. They will work if the USB ports are enabled. The DII sticks are no different to civvy ones.

    Don't get caught using one though
  4. If you use a civvy one, you can expect to be hauled up in front of your boss and charged (I know of dozens of instances of this happening too). LAND are keen to get the message across that it is unacceptable to use non DII Approved USB Sticks to set an example.
  5. The USB ports are enabled, but only work if the "right" stick is put in.
  6. Unauthorised memory sticks are locked down on DII. On DII/C Restricted there are authorised sticks available from the DII Catalogue, these will work ok.
    I do NOT recommend just plugging any old device in, particularly if you have anything dodgy on there as any illegal device is likely to be picked up by the security on the system and reported back to the systems centre. This will be reported to the MoD security team who will contact you and you'll be hit with a breach of SyOps and JSP440.
  7. I stand corrected. Although I've heard of people putting civvy sticks in and having them work.
  8. no i have two sticks work in both DiiC and F,

    ill find out were my TQMS got them in the morning
  9. its just another money making scandal.

    you have to get a laser stick one that costs round about 40 pound.

    just try your one if you get caught that tuff.
  10. Actually, now I think about it. You can lock down USB ports to ceratin types of media, but once you allow a cetain type of media eg. pen drive/removable storage etc then it is open to all types. I'm pretty sure you can't say "allow only this type of pen drive", unless there is software on the USB stick.

    The stick I was given at HQLF had encryption software on it, but that was it.
  11. Some may work the system is not 100% re-read my previous post about NOT plugging one in.
    However if you insist on living life dangerously then make sure you it is squeaky clean, that means no Key Generators, cracks, hacks or virus files. Any of thse will be instantly picked up, logged and reported by your system. No point logging off or legging it out of the office as it is logged locally in your local Sec logs as well as broadcast up the chain.
    So at the end of the day play it's how you want but try to avoid bringing grief down on yourself! Just get a request in for an authorised one and keep all your porn, MP3's funnies etc on another personal one.
  12. Tried to used a civvy stick on a terminal the other day and it didn't work. Apparently this is to cut down on on the tranfer of viruses so I was given a mod stick to go back to my barrack room (where I have my own desktop) to copy the info onto it, then tranfer it to an MOD computer because this obviously won't transfer viruses :roll: Just another balls ache designed to to make work just that little bit more arkward.
  13. depending on size/file type/system can you not email it to your F account?

    Laptops are being locked down to reduce the risk of 'loosing data' - EDS have already done this across their entire laptop suite and it is being monitored and chased for those who have not done it yet.

    I assume ATLAS' own internal systems will follow very soon and that F is already being done - depends if you are docking your laptops once every 10 days as is specified as updates do not seem to pass through the 3g cards.....
  14. It is to try to regulate the devices being used on the system and to try to cut down on virus problems. But trust me, as soon as you plug a stick in that has any dodgy data then it WILL be picked up and reported back up the chain that will end in grief.
  15. But you can still use 3.5 disks that can viruses on them so its a bit of a waste of time.