DII Outlook Meltdown - 28 Oct 15

Bad CO

Anyone else having problems with DII Outlook today? Duty rumour is that it has gone kaput everywhere.
Yep, screwed here since mid morning.
Following the loss of DII this morning which has been affecting many users, services are now in the process of being restored. It will take some hours for the restoration to be complete across the MOD estate. DII (SECRET) services are unaffected.
This incident is not related to OP *******. (redacted for OPSEC)
Users are encouraged to log a call with the SPOC if their own services are not restored by 1500hrs today (Wednesday 28 October).

Be on the lookout for low flying pork.
my computer system is so outdated, I've been utterly unaffected!


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I've been having problems with Outlook for the best part of a decade now.

Everytime I open it I get error messages saying 'do some work' and 'you need to go to such and such a place to do work' and 'you need to speak to so and so about work'.

Hardly bother logging on anymore to be honest.
No dramas with DII out here in the British Eastern Mediterranean, mores the pity.

Step away from your computer and get back and hand out the food parcels to those refugees.....:p
Informed to be completed by 1700 hrs, however been (unofficially) informed realistically expect by tomorrow.

The joys...

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Does anyone know if the outage will have any effect on Solitaire and Minesweeper?

Asking for a senior leadership.


Good to see this post, I've been out of office all day and my DII Blackberry has't been able to send or receive emails since 09:39. As its almost certainly part of the same problem I will stop repeadly rebooting it and trying to resend messages.

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