DII or Armynet?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Anyone seen the new DII consoles yet?

    We had the training, seen the interface and pictures of the kit but I have my doubts.

    Where the interface promises to deliver a plethera of information and services, it can only be accessed from a secure, fixed terminal.

    This means, for us STABs, access will be limited to parade nights (for those of us who can't make it in to the Unit until parade nights).

    Where Armynet offers a more basic resource, it's still invaluable and easily available.

    So, is it true we're losing Armynet completely? And if so, are there plans to install booths in to every STAB home? Coz I don't think one'll fit in my gaff!!
  2. Lets face it army net is a bit of a damp squib. If I can go into the TAC and read a bit of mail from lads who need things doing and then send out a list of things I need doing on a maintenance weekend, fill in an online 1771 and look at the Sqn calender for the next month then thats got to be a good thing. Alright I can do that with army net but most people seem to shy away from army net which is a shame. I set up a forum for my troop on it and only 2 people used it, me and my mate.

    The only way it will fall down is if everyman and his dog wants to logon on a parade night but limiting internet access will keep sig me me me away from msn and her hotmail account.. and that women who gave the presentation was a bit of alright even if she was a bit old :p
  3. Valid points, and let's face it, hopefully we'll be able to get our pay statements BEFORE (or at least as close to) payday and not a month after!!

    Shame, I use Armynet every day almost, it'll be like going cold turkey and getting a weekly fix!!

    Can't wait to see who gets banned/told off first.....I know who my money's on!!

    We had a guy and an assistant - who wasn't too shabby either, shame she didn't really speak much!!
  4. ArmyNET is not going anywhere. ArmyNET is being upgraded in the very near future, so I doubt its going to be binned.
    Its just a shame Glasgow can never seem to get my statements on their faster than the postman delivers.
  5. I recall that this was something to do with the fact that DSPS (A) wanted RAO staff to get pay statements before they were published on Armynet. I actually work in Glasgow and I can tell you that I get them on Armynet well before the paper one arrives!!!!!
  6. Whilst being on the face of it a tad negative, how is this supposed to work? Who knows the specific TA regs that govern whether we can or can't be paid? Individuals being repsonsible for this is unlikely to work unless the Unit continues to enter the info for them. Where are the savings and checks and balances? Unless somebody familiar with the individual checks everything?

    This is a nightmare in the offing. On a Wed/Tues night everybody in the TA will try to log on. It will mean soldiers will not be paid. Who cares if MOD is exempt from being sued for this, it is not morally right.

    The only way I can start to see it could possibly work is for each soldier to be paid a half day's training IOT come in early once a month to complete their claim. So not MTD friendly, and why shouldn't a soldier be paid for the time taken away from career and family whilst trying to get paid due to the system introduced? So who is responsible for a soldier not being paid? The soldier for not being able to log on during the very limited time available to him/her? Or the system?

    If at a guess we simply say there are 25,000 TA soldiers not in an OTC or on Ops (Let's be nice and say 20,000) that is still 5,000 trying to log on within a 2 hr period on either a Tues or Wed night every week, and this assumes they got it right first time, don't want to chat to anybody or anything else. Oh right that is going to happen.

    Units need to have a very strong, robust system in place to make this work. Irrespective of the blandishments to the effect that the TA should not rely on their money it 'is an extra', once soldiers can prove they weren't paid despite following the exact rules, it is suspected that EEC law will win. Too late to avoid a haemorrage but irreversable all the same.

    My unit has stated categorically that a hard copy will be kept for x months, and that the individuals will not be expected to input the information for y months. Brilliant, fantastic. What a good unit, but where are the savings if we have to do what always happened? This is the TA, contact time with people who can explain the system is 2 hrs per week. MAX.

    Soldiers are going to be disallowed pay they rightfully earned. If the system wants us to recruit and retain we must pay correctly. How is this going to be possible?

  7. msr

    msr LE


    Someone somewhere seems to have forgotten "TA training, it's not about value for money, it's about value for time".

  8. What alarmed me about our DII brief was that the (ex) briefing officer used phrases usch as:

    "core business"
    "Business need"
    "added value"


    "if you don't use it, you won't get paid!"

    To me, it looks like drill nights are shortly to become little more than a queue for the cashpoint in uniform.

    Oh, and you might all be interested in the 'corporate' viewpoint, which says that we shouldn't be working (lesson lans, ex instructions etc) from home - all this should be done on the DII console...
    ...unless there is a business need for a laptop - and we might get one per unit (not per TAC)
  9. As I understand it JPA is built to pay a regular soldier 1/12th of his annual salery every month. Obviously that will not work for a TA soldier. At a recent brief to the regular site I work on I asked the question and was told that the RAO office will have to continue to enter pay from a signing on sheet.

    Any JPA geeks able to actually give us the real gen. ?

    ( I'll post this on the RHQ forum too methinks !)
  10. Reminds me of the age old TA briefing point:

    "If I don't get paid I'm not turning up"

    And as for doing all TA related work on DII, what utter cretin thought that one would work ? Our PSI has to use his private email account to keep in touch with us as the provision is so poor, and there are no plans to issue any more. Seriously, the effect of enforcing such a decision would be to shut our unit down.
  11. [quote="One_of_the_strangeAnd as for doing all TA related work on DII, what utter cretin thought that one would work ? Our PSI has to use his private email account to keep in touch with us as the provision is so poor, and there are no plans to issue any more. Seriously, the effect of enforcing such a decision would be to shut our unit down.[/quote]

    Dunno what system your TAC is on but systems on the current RLI have internet gateway available - cost your UIN £10 a pop - gives internet access so you can not only watch the cricket scores but also send-receive external civvy email. Would be just the job for a TA unit - if it was available...

    ......standby for moans from the G2 security brigade....

    ps Staff using tinternet to watch the cricket etc is NOT a G6 issue - its G1 discipline.
  12. I'm absolutely sure a solution exists ... but there's no funding.

    And once we've got the PSI squared away how do we get around the fact that virtually all admin done by Volunteers is performed at home or work ? You can install terminals at the TAC all you like but who's going to spend four nights a week there to get all the admin orders, plans, warning orders, presentations etc done ?
  13. Cavalier,

    I understand that Armynet will be upgraded so that TA can access JPA. I come from one of those wierd TA units that don't have a drill hall, rarely meet each other, and some years may never go to a DII equiped location. We will be left out to dry unless another means is found, and I believe that access via Armynet is that way.

  14. I suppose we're still going to need drill sheets to confirm attendance otherwise every rogue will be able to claim for a weekend they didn't actually attend?
  15. Haven't even seen the training yet.... :(