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I've just being trying to find a JPA terminal so that I can make my claims from Annual Camp. I've been told there are no longer JPA terminals and I need a DII account or a DII Proxy Account.

I was also told that I can't use someone else's account (eg Mrs BA) as the system will recognise that the JPA claim does not match the DII account.

If this is correct does this mean that I should have been given/should be asking for a DII account?
You can log on to any terminal which supports JPA, I let my lads use my terminal for checking JPA weekly and for submitting claims etc.

Obviously people shouldn't be giving you their DII username/password, but as long as somebody is using a terminal and doesn't mind you jumping onto JPA you should have no dramas.

If people wont let you access JPA on their terminal, then they are cnuts.
There is no connection between which log-on you use for DII and the subsequent JPA log-on. Heaven forbid DII was that intuitive.


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Wishful_Thinking said:
I log some of my Sqn on to my Dii account so they can access their JPA to make claims.
I used Mrs BA's terminal/account this morning - no problem. Thanks.
I can't easily access a terminal and my HR office said just send the claim forms to them and they'd do it for me, just in case anyone else has this issue.
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