DII ior DII proxy account and JPA


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I've just being trying to find a JPA terminal so that I can make my claims from Annual Camp. I've been told there are no longer JPA terminals and I need a DII account or a DII Proxy Account.

I was also told that I can't use someone else's account (eg Mrs BA) as the system will recognise that the JPA claim does not match the DII account.

If this is correct does this mean that I should have been given/should be asking for a DII account?
You can log on to any terminal which supports JPA, I let my lads use my terminal for checking JPA weekly and for submitting claims etc.

Obviously people shouldn't be giving you their DII username/password, but as long as somebody is using a terminal and doesn't mind you jumping onto JPA you should have no dramas.

If people wont let you access JPA on their terminal, then they are cnuts.
I can't easily access a terminal and my HR office said just send the claim forms to them and they'd do it for me, just in case anyone else has this issue.