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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sparky71, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Folks,

    Has anyone out there in TA land had the IGS added to their DII account? As part of "the management" of my sub unit, I find it very frustrating to receive emails from my PSAO/Adjt/etc (on my home and work email accounts) and then not be able to access them when I'm at a DII workstation.

    I've asked my PSAO and the answer was a flat "no".

    Any thoughts?

  2. Ok, I think I'm having a thinko day today... can anyone explain to me why I can't see my original post above in the main TA forum?????
  3. Sorry to hear that the PSAO is being a 'knob' in your unit - He/She should be be helping the 'management' of your unit - not being a plunker! Go over their head to the OC and state your case...

    Your profile setup must be set up as an 'Occasional User'.

    In theory, if you are an 'occasional user' you will not have IGS access.
    If you are a 'standard user' you can have IGS but only if your profile is set-up for it. The SPOC should be able to tell you if you are an Occasional or Standard user.

    That said - if you have had a DII/C email account previously (with IGS access) then there may be a conflict between your email accounts (Role v Personal conflicting with your PUID linked to your previous email profile).

    Ring the SPOC and log a call with them. (Mil 96600 8910 - Civ 0870 600 8910) and tell them you need IGS access. As part of the unit management you may have IGS already but its broke! Thats why you should ring the SPOC.

    You could also contact your 'Authorised Demander' (I would have thought it would be your PSAO) and request that he/she requests IGS access for you through the DII catalogue.

    Once you get your logon and password (for IGS) you will have to go to the IGS SyOps web page and agree to the IGS conditions before IGS will work and allow you access to the Internet or external email. Note - when sending external email you must use the "Release-Authorised: " prefix in the subject line.

    When DII/F was being rolled out to the TA - to meet JPA go-live deadlines - they took a decision to make everybody an Occasional user just to get the stuff in. So they will be expecting a call from those who should have been 'Standard Users'

    Hope this helps.

  4. Use ArmyNet, its available on both (but I've not been given my DII username and password to prove this)
  5. Don't hold your breath though, I've been waiting for a Dii (f) user name for five months (after having had a Dii (c) account at another unit). I've only been given an occaisional user account & have been told it will be another 4 weeks before I get upgraded.

    As a full time civvy I need the correct Dii access to do my job
  6. Psssst, it's EGS now isn't it?

    And the reason they are a bit funny about them is the cost methinks, £25 a month for each user?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Then you have a valid business case for getting a standard ISP to put broadband into your TAC.

  8. We did at our place, and ATLAS took it out...hmmm
  9. "Business Case".... since when did a "Business Case" ever count for anything in the world of central government contracts?!?!
  10. Well either PSAO's are knobs , or there is a directive abroad not to let the common soldiery have EGS, and I suspect it is cost. There is also the question, why would they need EGS anyway?

    It's a bit of a joke anyway, we have one DII (F) terminal available to be used by 70+ soldiers. Add the interminable boot and wait time , and the fact they' ve forgotten how to do JPA bits and need a refresher, and you'll be lucky to get 5 people on and off the terminal in a drill night.

    Maybe we should have JPA weekends, or make JPA access a MATTS test :roll:
  11. You're right, most of the lads and lasses would gain nothing from EGS access, but I know that most of the officers and seniors do a considerable amount of unit admin on their own time, receive TA-specific emails on their own civvy work/home email accounts; but then have *no* way of transferring this work onto the DII system.

    I'm puzzled as to the scaling for DII(F) terminals. For a nominal roll of around 70 soldiers at our TAC, we have 2 machines that are 'open access', there's the machine our pay clerk uses (usually available most drill nights), the PSAO, AO, SPSI, BQMS, BC, BSM and the BK all then have their own machines. So that's ten (that I know of) for our TAC. Thankfully most of our staff aren't *that* **** about who uses their PC when they're not using it themselves.
  12. I'm talking about the one machine that is tasked. No doubt with some jiggery pokery other machines could become available, but not more than 3, and they'll still need training till competent :(
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    The scaling of DII/F is predicated not by ATLAS, nor indeed by the IPT as is the common misconception - it is the responsibility and funding of the TLB you are a part of.

    If you feel that your scaling is not right, you have the David & Goliath challenge of squeezing an already very tight TLB for more dosh. Remember, it is deadly cheap in comparative terms to buy the computer, it is the monthly charge that will sting.

    To be honest, I don't see why any ocassional user would need EGS. Indeed, not all standard users need it either. The Army don't pay people to polish their arrse surfing the t'interweb - although many try and succeed!!!
  14. Use ArmyNet email, available on both

    and use ArmyNet Sharepoint to store letters etc
  15. Hopefully not on Non MOD IT equipment. I used to have this problem but as I can no longer use my home IT for this work there is no need to email anything to the TAC!